/Women's AFA: Central paid dearly for defensive errors
Women's AFA: Central paid dearly for defensive errors

Women's AFA: Central paid dearly for defensive errors

By date 13 of the Afa women’s soccer first division tournament, Rosario Central lost 4 to 2 as a visitor against Estudiantes de Caseros. The auriazules goals were converted by Verónica Acuña and Valentina Mana with a header.The scoundrels opened the account through Verónica Acuña, but in the second half through two goals from Micaela Cabrera, a nightmare for the auriazul defense, the scoundrels were 1-2 at halftime.

Los juveniles fueron llevados a Arroyo Seco por decisión del club hace unos pocos meses.

Central: the fourth returns to Baigorria, mixed versions

El Gato Avila jugó poco en Boca y vería con buenos ojos retornar a Arroyito.

Avila, again in Central’s sights: open negotiation

In the complement, Valentina Mana tied it with a header after a corner from Nadia Fernández and when Central was better, two goals came from the locals through Magalí Badilla and Gabriela Chávez. Those led by Roxana Vallejo paid dearly for defensive errors . Rare on this team as their back four generally shows solidity. In fact, it had been 31 games that they had not received this number of goals, since 3-4 with Platense, on December 12, 2020, on the last date of Transition 2020. The ones above were not fine either. In fact, a minute after Students’ third goal, Roxana Vallejo gave a clear message and took out Lara López and Verónica Acuña, The scoundrels formed with: Paulina Aprile; Valentina Mana, Abigail Ponce, Virginia Coronel and Elen Leroyer (86′ Sofía Arceo); Daiana Gómez, Martina Clerc (25′ Luna Gamón) and Nadia Fernández; Verónica Acuña (77′ Belén Dias), Paula Salguero and Lara López (77′ Dalma Mancilla).They remained on the bench: Morena Abovsky, Estefanía Laxagueborde, Agustina Donato, Giovanna Fernández and Camila Del Pazo. The data: Although he played a couple of minutes against Excursionistas on the last date, today was the debut in the rogue goal as a starter for Paulina Aprile (just turned 14 years old since she was born on May 13, 2008) by the injured Agustina Sánchez. image.png

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