/Hassan Ademov: Inflation will eat away at the increase in pensions
Hassan Ademov: Inflation will eat away at the increase in pensions

Hassan Ademov: Inflation will eat away at the increase in pensions

Хасан Адемов: Инфлацията ще изяде увеличението на пенсиите

Photo: Dimitar Kyosemarliev, Investor Media Group

The measures announced by the ruling coalition, buy political time without solving problems. Inflation will eat away at the increase in pensions. Thus, the MRF MP and former Minister of Social Affairs Hassan Ademov commented to Bulgaria ON AIR the announced package of anti-crisis measures by the government

Among them are the modernization of pensions by more than 20%, higher tax breaks for families with children, fuel discounts, etc.

“Where they have identified a problem, they pour money in without solving it”,

According to him, the measures will lead to an increase in inflation, which is why the authorities have started calling the measures “in support of the people”.

“To call it anti – inflation is strongly contrary to economic theory, because inflation is struggling with high GDP, high levels of production, high exports and high levels of consumption. Their effect will lead to increased inflation rates. When the social budget was adopted in March, inflation was 10%, now it is close to 15%, “said the former Minister of Social Affairs.

According to Hassan Ademov, the approach to implementing these measures is wrong “The first updated pensions will be received only in early August, and in practice inflation, which is galloping at an incredible pace, will eat away at these increases,” Ademov said.

It will be difficult to get through without the direct support of low-income groups, those with a minimum wage, he said.

Financier Mika Zaykova also believes that pensions will not be compensated.

“Not only is this money not fighting inflation, but it has already eaten it, because inflation is 14.4%. From July, when these measures come into force, then inflation will be at least over 17%, “she said on Nova TV.

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