/Smart #1 electric SUV arrives in March 2023
Smart #1 electric SUV arrives in March 2023

Smart #1 electric SUV arrives in March 2023

With a new ‘design’ and new technologies, the Smart #1 is the first of a family of all-electric vehicles that marks the renewal of the brand, now in a new phase of development supported by a ‘dual-home’ business strategy from Europe and China.

Recently launched in Berlin and now presented in Lisbon, the new model is characterized by an innovative and advanced exterior, including elements such as the door handles hidden electrics and frameless doors.

With a body of five doors, 4.27 meters in length, 1.82 m in width and 1.64 m in height, the Smart #1 is a fully electric vehicle. It mounts a 272 hp engine and 343 Nm of torque, placed at the rear, which runs on energy from a lithium-ion battery with 66 kWh (62 useful).

Can be recharged by alternating current from 10 to 80% to a maximum of 22 kW in less than three hours, and direct current to 150 kW in less than half an hour.

Accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in about 6.5 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 180 km/h.

According to the technical data of the brand, which are awaiting the completion of the European homologation process, scheduled for the second half of this year, the estimated emission-free range varies between 420 and 440 km.

The passenger compartment features modern lines and is spacious enough for five people. The luggage compartment capacity varies between 411 and 273 litres, depending on the position of the rear seats. At the front, there is another compartment with about 15 liters of capacity, which can be used to store the charging cables.

The instrument panel offers two screens: one with 9.2 inches for the instrumentation , another 12.8” tactile for the multimedia system, which is always connected to the Internet and allows remote software updates. The vehicle’s various functions can be accessed via the ‘Hello Smart’ voice instruction.

New for this Smart #1 is the digital key that allows users to start the vehicle through an application, which can be shared. Among other equipment, standard or optional, there is also the ‘head-up display’ system, LED headlights, panoramic glass roof, ambient lighting with 64 colors and 20 levels of intensity and Beats sound system with 13 speakers.

From the ‘Launch Edition’ version, 1,000 units will be produced for Europe. Of these, only 70 will reach the Iberian market.

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