/Covid-19: António Costa admits that not all measures taken were consistent
Covid-19: António Costa admits that not all measures taken were consistent

Covid-19: António Costa admits that not all measures taken were consistent

The prime minister admitted today, in Braga, that not all measures taken during the management of the covid-19 pandemic were consistent, the most difficult being the closure of schools.

“Yes, the measures were not always consistent, but they sought to have a rationale and that rationale, in essence, the population always understood”, assumed António Costa at the launch of the book “Covid-19 in Portugal : a strategy”, in the rectory of the University of Minho (UM), in Braga.

In a speech lasting more than 20 minutes and in front of a full room, where the Minister of Health, Marta Temido, was in the front row, the leader of the Government took stock of the measures taken during the pandemic , revealing that the most difficult to take was the closing of schools.

“It was the most difficult decision of all because it was the first, the first in which we were faced with the difficulty of having to decide knowing that we would not have unquestionable support for that decision”, he confessed Is it over there.

During the last two years, the Government has held 128 councils of ministers exclusively dedicated to the topic of covid-19, has taken 200 resolutions, decrees and decrees of law and organized 85 press conferences, released .

António Costa confided that these councils of ministers were always “very demanding” because around the table everyone shared the same doubts, namely about whether or not the restaurants closed, when they should close and why .

However, the government official noted that the pandemic, in addition to the damage and suffering it caused, brought a “greater democratization of science”, making the common citizen understand “as never before” the importance of investing in science. “The discovery of the vaccinewas fundamental”, he added.

Saying he did not want to manage a pandemic again, the prime minister considered that the country will forever have a “huge priceless debt” with the National Health Service ( SNS) and with scientists – however, the behavior of citizens and their common sense were the “key to everything”.

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