/School, GPS update process started: what they are and why they are important
School, GPS update process started: what they are and why they are important

School, GPS update process started: what they are and why they are important

The race starts for applications for insertion in the Provincial Rankings for Substitutes , those that professionals know as GPS, which are a pre-requisite for teaching. From 9 am this morning, 12 May 2022, and until midnight on 31 May 2022 it will be possible to present the application.

Which question

The procedure concerns the biennial updating of the Provincial Rankings for I and II substitutes bracket (GPS) , those from which teachers are called for substitutes during the year, and in the consequent updating of the corresponding Institute rankings. These are the lists that will be used for the substitutions for the school years 2022/23 and 2023/24 .

What they are the GPS?

The GPS are in fact rankings which give the right to carry out substitutions until 31 August or until at the end of the teaching activities (Provincial Substitute Rankings) or until the last day of service (Institute Rankings), and are divided into two bands.

The first band dedicated to those who have obtained the qualification to teach at the Kindergarten, Primary, I and II grade secondary school and educational staff or specialization as a Support teacher .

The second bracket is reserved for those who do not have a qualification or specialization and do not fall within the previous categories, but have already had experience of teaching in school and is considered precarious.

The Institute rankings have no three bands: a band for teachers in the Exhaustion Rankings, a band for teachers with specific qualifications included in the first band of the GPS, a band for teachers in possession of the qualification included in the second band of the GPS.

How to apply

Through the dedicated portal “Instances Online” , available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it will therefore be possible to submit an application for a new entry, or to update or transfer the application already submitted in 2020, with new qualifications or in other provinces.

This year, unlike in previous years, it will also be possible to access “with reserve” in possession of a qualification / specialization obtained after the deadline for submitting applications, which will be confirmed with a further request by 20 July 2022.

Full-digital supplementary fees

Starting from the next school year 2022/23 the supplements Annual and temporary nces will be completely digitized, in order to favor a more rapid and efficient assignment of chairs.

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