/Recycled plastic, the first blockchain label is born
Recycled plastic, the first blockchain label is born

Recycled plastic, the first blockchain label is born

Each of us will have read on the packaging of the products we are consuming that the plastic with which they were made are recycled for a part corresponding to 30, 40, 50 or even 100%. But who can guarantee us that this information is correct and that the brand in question is not deceiving us by resorting to annoying greenwashing practices to give an image of sustainability that in fact would not exist? This is a very delicate issue: when it comes to recycling, and therefore also environmental sustainability, there can be no doubts and ambiguities. The approach to claims relating to the content of recycled material within the various products must be consistent and transparent. Furthermore, it must be ensured that these communications are guided by verifiable and tangible principles .

Blockchain technology

As often happens, digital technology can solve the problem. What is necessary in this case, moreover, is already existing and absolutely effective. It is called blockchain and is a sort of digital register on which shared and immutable data can be transcribed. This means that no one, once the transcription has been made, can intervene to modify it. A sort of “virtual notary” that can be consulted at any time, from any part of the world.

So this “digital notary”, if used properly, can become the key from time to time to ensure transparency and traceability in the entire path that plastic makes in its second lives: since, in short, it is discarded after the first use (assuming the “waste status” ), when it is transferred, transformed and then put back on the market.

the idea of ​​PlasticFinder

first in the world – in a concrete way – this possibility in the field of plastics is PlasticFinder , the international marketplace for the trading of plastics, which has been investing in this technology for months and is now ready to make it available to all its customers. The innovative service is called Certified Recycled Plastic ® able to guarantee the physical traceability, contractual traceability, logistic traceability, financial traceability, environmental traceability and IT traceability .

As explained by the CEO of PlasticFinder, Riccardo Parrini , the goal is to take a decisive step in enhancing the solutions made available by the Blockchain, giving life to this service that we have decided to call Certified Recycled Plastic ® . PlasticFinder is therefore ready as of now to offer the guarantee of full traceability of each lot that will be purchased within its marketplace. In fact, the CRP service allows access to the Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) transcription system to record transactions along the entire recycling chain in a univocal, immutable and verifiable way. from “waste” to the final product. This is a truly huge innovation for the world of plastics.

What the project consists of

It will therefore be possible buy plastic on the PlasticFinder portal, obtaining at the same time a certificate on which a QR code will be affixed through which, easily and quickly (and thanks to the Blockchain), it will be possible to access the history of the individual purchased lot. As pointed out Stefano Chiaramondia , president of PlasticFinder, this is precisely the big news: all those who today ensure that they sell products with certain recyclability requirements, limit themselves to exhibiting certifications possibly linked to production facilities. But instead of thinking about providing guarantees upstream of the path, neglecting what happens in the daily production reality, today there is the possibility of clearly tracing every single batch of plastic purchased: therefore knowing exactly what material it is made of, the date of various transactions, where it comes from, how many times it has been transformed, its environmental impact. It is a tool that in some cases, think of issues such as plastic tax and tax credits , will become even more decisive by allowing to clearly distinguish between real recyclers, deserving of reliefs and facilitations, and “crafty recycling .

Through the use of the blockchain (PlasticFinder has decided to focus on the one made available by Amazon QLDB ), a radical change of perspective is expected also for the entire world of plastic. The CRP service has already been fully developed and tested and is now ready to go.

The PlasticFinder platform

Born as startup in Milan in 2016, PlasticFinder is the Italian marketplace for the circular economy of plastics with traceability of the product life cycle.

Founded by Stefano Chiaramondia, Riccardo Parrini, Srinivasan Manikantan and Ivan Riva, is recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development and is registered in the register of innovative SMEs : on a daily basis, it allows the re-placing on the market of recycled plastics, inventory surpluses, unused raw materials and obsolete, quickly, anonymously and securely with the clearing of the exchange prices and the total traceability of the life cycle of the transacted products.

From 2016 to today they have been carried out through the platform 1,500 transactions, 15 thousand tons of polymers were exchanged and a thousand actions were registered nde.

On 29 July 2021 PlasticFinder saw the entry into the share capital of Interpolimeri SpA, an operator present on the market for over 30 years and one of the main distributors of plastic materials in Europe.

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