/Mariupol is in its final hours, a hellish fight is going on for the city – Here are the most important news on Wednesday
Mariupol is in its final hours, a hellish fight is going on for the city – Here are the most important news on Wednesday

Mariupol is in its final hours, a hellish fight is going on for the city – Here are the most important news on Wednesday

France has so far supplied more than EUR 100 million in military equipment to Ukraine

France has so far has supplied Ukraine with 100 million euros in military equipment, Defense Minister Florence Parly said on Wednesday after talks with his Ukrainian counterpart, Alexei Reznikov. “I have informed my colleague that France is supplying additional military capabilities in addition to the € 100 million equipment donation so far,” wrote Twiterren, head of ministry.

equipment, armaments and ammunition, armaments systems to meet Ukraine ‘s needs “. Paris has so far been unwilling to quantify the value of weapons delivered to Kiev since the start of the war in Ukraine on 24 February. “If the conflict continues, France and its partners are preparing to provide sustained military support to Ukraine through the mobilization of our defense industry,” the statement reads. “”

to mobilize and organize cooperation with our allies and partners, as well as our assistance in the field of training and special support for this equipment, ”the Ministry of Defense added. “France is determined to help Ukraine resist aggression and create the conditions for a just and lasting peace,” the French minister wrote.

has seized € 23.7 billion worth of Russian interests as part of the crackdown on Ukraine since the war. Of these, 573.6 million euros worth of real estate. At the top of the list is € 22.8 billion in the French accounts of the Russian central bank, the ministry confirmed in the daily newspaper Le Parisien. In addition, there is EUR 178 million worth of other bank assets. helicopter worth more than € 60 million and works of art worth € 7 million. The French authorities also seized 33 properties and dozens of other assets, including dozens of Roman Abramovich’s Russian billion-dollar villas and mansions on the French Riviera and the Caribbean island of Saint-Barthélemy.


US sends $ 800 million in military aid to America

Following a telephone conversation between US President Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky, the United States has increased its budget by $ 800 million. military support to a country at war.

The total amount offered by the U.S. government is now $ 2.4 billion. The package includes artillery systems, artillery shells and armored passenger vehicles

Zelenski has previously published a video in the social media demanding a specific list of weapons for Ukraine. He warned that Russia would attack countries like Poland and Moldova if they were not stopped in Ukraine.


Zelensky and Biden agreed by telephone

Additional defense and financial assistance to Ukraine, as well as tougher sanctions and alleged Russian war crimes, have been discussed, Zelensky wrote on Twitter

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This happened after the President of Ukraine made another request to the West to send heavy weapons to repel Russian aggression.

In an online English speech, he said that Ukraine it needs artillery, armored vehicles, tanks, air defense systems and fighter jets.


OSCE: Russia violates human rights

European Security and Defense Policy The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) believes that Russian troops are violating human rights in the war in Ukraine and that the organization is “shocked” by the thousands of wounded and dead in the conflict, according to a report released on Wednesday

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The EU would assist Ukraine in bringing war criminals to justice

The The Council of the European Union amended the mandate of the EU Civilian Security Sector Reform Advisory Mission (EUAM Ukraine) to facilitate the investigation and prosecution of international crimes committed against Russia in its attack on Ukraine, the EU council said on Wednesday


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The Czech Republic reopened its embassy in Kiev

Czech diplomats have returned to the Ukrainian capital. The Czech Republic reopened its embassy in Kiev on Wednesday, which was temporarily closed in late February following a Russian attack on Ukraine, the Prague Foreign Ministry said on Twitter on Wednesday. “The Czech flag is flying again in Kiev, the Czech diplomats are back. This is also one of the steps by which the Czech Republic wants to express its support for Ukraine,” the ministry pointed out in a statement. Details of how many diplomats returned to Kiev were not made public.

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky indicated a few days ago that the Czech Republic was trying to return its diplomats to Kiev. And Prime Minister Petr Fiala said on Tuesday that the Czech Republic is taking steps to restore normal diplomatic relations with Ukraine as much as possible. In addition to the embassy in Kiev, the Czech Republic has also closed its consulate in Lviv in recent weeks. There is no news about reopening it yet. To deal with current affairs, the Czechs have set up two temporary consulates in Przemysl, Poland, and in Košice, Slovakia. The staff of the latter office always moved to Uzhgorod for a few days a week. instead of the embassy in Kiev and the consulate in lviv, it would handle current affairs. However, according to press reports in Prague, this plan was dropped and Prague decided to reopen the embassy in Kiev instead.


Ukrainians say Russian attack on Donbass will begin soon

According to the Ukrainian armed forces, the Russian army is ready to attack in the Donbass region.

The Russians According to uranium intelligence, Russian forces may have re-attacked in the southern part of Hersonissos. thus, their strategy now seems to be to cut Ukraine south of the sea and create a land corridor between the annexed Crimea and eastern Ukraine.


) The situation in Mariupol is disputed according to the Americans

Russia believes that control of the city of Mariupol remains controversial and not entirely under Russian control, Russia said in a statement. A press conference said that Russian airstrikes continued to be concentrated in the Mariupol region and the Donbass region.


Crossed by the Netherlands Ukraine’s accession to the EU

The Dutch government does not want Ukraine to join the EU after the European Commission announced that the first phase of the process could be completed this summer, the Dutch news portal DutchNews wrote on Wednesday

Liesje Schreinemacher side center The Minister for Defense and Development said in a speech to Parliament on Tuesday that accession would require a long technical process and that Ukraine would have to meet the same criteria as the other candidate countries.

Last week Ursula Von der Leyen Committee Chairman presented a questionnaire to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on the first stage of the procedure and promised to it will only be a matter of weeks. Several Member States’ leaders have signed declarations calling for the assessment of candidate status and the acceleration of the accession process

Mark Rutte However, the Dutch Prime Minister and his cabinet are of a different opinion: they believe that the simplified admission process would set a precedent for other candidate countries, states DutchNews

According to Liesje Schreinemacher, the so-called Copenhagen criteria, according to which candidate members must have stable democratic institutions, a functioning market and the capacity to implement EU law, cannot be circumvented.

The Dutch NOS The derivative’s news portal wrote on Wednesday that the Hague government sees Von der Leyen’s announcement as a “nice symbolic gesture” and considers the EC President’s visit to Ukraine an “important manifestation of solidarity”.

some, including the opposition, however, believe the bizo The President of the European Union declared this in excess of his own powers, thus creating a ‘false hope’ in Ukraine. Vicky Maeijer , a representative of the Eurosceptic radical right-wing Freedom Party, even called on Von der Leyen to resign. chairing the committee. Several Dutch MEPs believe that the chairman of the committee should withdraw his statements. Schreinemacher said he has to wait for the committee’s official position for the time being

There is no question that Ukraine will be a member of the EU tomorrow, they still have a long way to go



Russia does not need Putin’s coma

Viktor Medvedchuk, a member of parliament and leader of the Russian Platform for the Opposition for Life, was arrested on Tuesday for treason. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has suggested replacing the oligarch with Ukrainians detained by Russia. The Kremlin has refused to exchange prisoners on Wednesday afternoon, writes the BBC.

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The Czech Republic reopens its embassy in Kiev

The Czech Republic has reopened its embassy in Kiev. According to the Czech Foreign Ministry, this is one of many steps to support Ukraine. They added that the Czech Republic was in favor of Ukraine and will always be in favor of it in the future.

(The Guardian)

Ukrainian intelligence: Russians burn the bodies of Ukrainian civilians and fallen soldiers in mobile crematoria in Mariupol

The Directorate-General for Military Intelligence of Ukraine has stated that, according to its information, 13 mobile crematoria have been transported by Russian forces to Mariupol to clear the city’s streets of buried civilian corpses.

In an intelligence statement, it said that in these crematoria the Russian army is also burning the bodies of its own fallen soldiers to cover up the losses.


The EU has increased its military assistance to Ukraine to € 1.5 billion

Council of the European Union added € 500 million to a total of € 1.5 billion in aid to Ukraine, with funding to support the supply of military equipment, the EU Council said on Wednesday .

Reported: another tranche of the European Peace Facility (EPF) assistance measure will allow the EU to further support the capabilities of the Ukrainian armed forces to protect the country’s territorial integrity and independence and to ensure the security of the civilian population.

The measures finance the provision of equipment and facilities, including personal protective equipment, first-aid kits, fuel and military equipment, which could provide a threat of death. protection. The aid measures will run for 24 months. and stability.

Russia and its accomplice, Belarus, have full responsibility for the war, those responsible must be held accountable for the crimes they have committed


The European Union demands that Russia cease its military action, withdraw all forces and military equipment from the entire territory of Ukraine immediately and unconditionally, and fully respect the country’s territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty. Within the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine – added


The four heads of state arrived in Kiev

The Heads of State of Poland, Latvia and Lithuania have arrived in Kiev to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Politicians arrived by train, Sky News reported.

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The agreement on NATO membership Finland and Sweden

The Finnish parliament will debate next week whether the country will join NATO, as without membership, NATO cannot guarantee Finland’s security, said Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin in Stockholm on Wednesday, Magdalena. Andersson at a press conference with the Swedish Prime Minister

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Russian oil production may fall sharply in the coming months

Sanctions against Russia could reduce the country’s oil production by 1.5 million barrels a day in April, and in May, when the embargo on the war against Ukraine comes to an end, production could fall by 3 million barrels a day. International Energy Agency (IEA) report presented on Wednesday

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Spy scandal in Germany: Russian convicted doctoral student

A Russian doctoral student who was convicted of conducting research for the Russian Secret Service at the University of Augsburg was sentenced to one year in prison, the court said on Wednesday.

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The drone passing through Hungary was also examined

A drone that crashed in Zagreb a month ago carried an OFAB 100-120 bomb, but it did not contain explosives for military or civilian use, the Zagreb County Public Prosecutor’s Office said in a press conference on Wednesday.

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UNICEF: falling food prices could cause tragedy

According to experts from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the war in Ukraine could further increase food prices in areas affected by local conflicts, the economic crisis and famine in the Middle East and North Africa, threatening millions of children. hunger.

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Measures to assist Ukrainian refugees decided by the capital

Measures taken to assist refugees in Ukraine were decided by the Extraordinary Assembly of the Capital City on Wednesday by amending the Rules of Procedure and the Financial Regulation

By accepting the motion on the assistance of refugees due to the war in Ukraine, noted by the mayor, Gergely Karácsony, the Budapest General Assembly condemned the Russian aggression that broke out in the war in Ukraine and assured Beregszás of his support, The sister city of Budapest. The motion was adopted unanimously by Members.

The extraordinary meeting was justified by the fact that the ordinary parliamentary meeting before the parliamentary elections, scheduled for 30 March, had not been convened.

On Wednesday, the board supplemented the voluntary tasks of the municipality by assisting those fleeing the war, and in connection with this the decision-making power of the mayor.

The Financial Regulation was also amended. to finance tasks related to the care of refugees, to help the sister city of Beregszász, and to clarify the rules of the municipal sub-account opened for receiving donations. It was also decided to increase the support of the Shelter Foundation for Refugees by HUF 10 million. with the Terre des Hommes Foundation in Hungary. The former provides refugees with a fixed-term use of ten portable wifi devices and ten SIM cards charged with unlimited data traffic. The latter foundation provides various services free of charge to people forced to leave Ukraine. (MTI)

NATO’s eastern wing strengthens in Romania

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca visited the air base near Mikhail Kogalniceanu near the Black Sea on Wednesday morning

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The tempers are boiling in Bosnia again, Russia has also spoken

Christian Schmidt, the international community’s High Representative in Bosnia, repealed a Bosnian Serbian real estate law on Tuesday, announced by the Bosnian Serb leadership, which does not pass the decision and enforces the law.

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Here is a surprising explanation for the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The experts of the KRTK Regional Research Institute deal extensively with the complex effects of many spatial and regional issues. For example, we study the environmental consequences of suburban development, territorial inequalities, or the impact of land use change on climate adaptation capacity. The following are some examples of how the Russian-Ukrainian war can be analyzed using the topics we have examined.

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Video: The final battle for Mariupol takes place in hellish conditions

The final battle for control of Mariupol is fierce. The Russian forces, the Chechens belonging to the National Guard and the dissidents jointly attack the cellar systems, mainly during the Azovttal operation, in which the fighters of the Ukrainian army, the National Guard and the territorial defense forces are stationed. The final battle for Mariupol seems to be decided in narrow, dark cellars, from tunnel to tunnel, door to door.

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The UN has published the number of civilian casualties in Ukraine

According to the UN report, 1892 Ukrainian civilians have been killed since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

Most civilian casualties were caused by the use of large-scale explosive devices, including heavy artillery and multiple missile launchers, as well as missile and air strikes.

It is added that the figures could be significantly higher, as figures are not yet known for certain areas, notably Mariupol.


Ambassador of Ukraine: the war reset everything, but we make our country even better

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has caused immeasurable damage, both in terms of loss of life and material damage; Ukraine will never be the same as it was before the war, Ljubov Nepop, Ukraine’s ambassador to Hungary, told Portfolio. Ukraine is grateful to the Hungarian people for helping and helping those fleeing the war, but the country is still waiting for help with financial offerings. Lyubov Nepop also spoke about the atrocities committed by the Russian forces against the Ukrainian population.

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Fear of chemical weapons Ukrainian defense minister stumbles on humanitarian corridors

Russian forces remain at risk of using chemical weapons in Ukraine – warned Hanna on Wednesday Maljar is Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine. On Tuesday, Maljar had already announced that the Ukrainian authorities were investigating information that Russia may have used chemical weapons during the siege of the port city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine. He added that phosphorous projectiles were also reported. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also warned earlier this week that Russia could use chemical weapons in Ukraine. Moscow has refused to do so.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk said on Wednesday that there was still no agreement on the creation of humanitarian corridors. In a message posted on the Telegram messaging application, the politician also told the Russian side that he would not allow buses used for evacuation to depart in Zaporizhia and that he would violate the ceasefire in Luhansk.

“Too dangerous in this situation would be an evacuation, “Roşchuk said, adding that the authorities would do their utmost to reopen the humanitarian corridors as soon as possible. Over the weekend, Kyiv agreed to use nine humanitarian corridors to help people flee heavy fighting in the east of the country, including Mariupol. (MTI)

ORFK: more than nine thousand people arrived from Ukraine on Tuesday

5388 people entered Hungary on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border on Tuesday, while 3887 of those entering the Romanian-Hungarian border stated that they had arrived from Ukraine, the National Police Headquarters (ORFK) told MTI on Wednesday.

the police issued a temporary residence permit to 1,788 people, which is valid for 30 days. They must visit the office of the National Directorate General of Immigration, responsible for their place of residence, to obtain the final documents. Refugees arriving at Kőbánya Upper Railway Station by special trains were taken by bus to the BOK Hall. The co-operation authorities solved the accommodation and transport of 11 people, including six children, in metropolitan and rural accommodation.


The world’s largest independent oil trader stops trading in Russian oil

The Vitol Group, the world’s leading independent oil trader, intends to phase out trade in crude oil and products of Russian origin by the end of the year. The volume of Russian oil handled by Vitol will decline significantly in the second quarter as current-term contractual obligations decline, a Vitol spokesman said. The company intends to discontinue trade in Russian crude oil and products unless otherwise instructed and the company expects this process to be completed by the end of 2022.

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Zelensky would give Putin a coma in exchange for Ukrainians detained

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky offered on Tuesday night the release of Viktor Medveduk, a Ukrainian politician who was considered a Russian friend, in exchange for Russia’s release of detained Ukrainians.

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Another significant arms shipment may arrive in Ukraine

The U.S. government is expected to announce today that it will provide another $ 750 million in military aid to Ukraine in the fight against Russian forces, two knowledgeable U.S. officials told Reuters.

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Ukraine prepares for another Russian attack from the east, the Russians may have used weapons of mass destruction In Mariupol

Increasingly worrying news is coming from Ukraine after it was revealed that around 8 and 9 o’clock on Monday, Russian occupying forces may have introduced toxic material of unknown origin into Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. against Mariupol. Volodymyr Zelensky also spoke about the information, who did not state clearly whether the Russians had already used chemical weapons. Sergei Lavrov, meanwhile, said yesterday that Moscow would not end the war in Ukraine before the start of the next round of peace talks. According to some, up to 150 workers may have been fired from Russian intelligence because they misled the Kremlin decision-makers when planning the invasion of Ukraine. And Western countries are increasingly open to supporting the strengthening of Ukraine’s defense capabilities, the White House has stated that it will provide Ukraine with all the weapons it needs to stop Russia.1. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko will meet today to discuss the situation in Ukraine and Western sanctions against the two countries. 2. According to British intelligence, fighting in Eastern Ukraine can be expected to intensify over the next two to three weeks as Russia continues to focus its forces on the region. 3. The Japanese government has imposed sanctions on the family members of Vladimir Putin and Sergei Lavrov. 4. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned on Monday night that Russia could use chemical weapons in Ukraine.5. According to British intelligence, fighting in Eastern Ukraine can be expected to intensify over the next two to three weeks as Russia continues to focus its forces on the region. 6. The mayor of Mariupol stated in an interview on Tuesday that 20 to 30,000 civilians had been abducted from the besieged Mariupol by Russian forces


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