/Evening news: Inflation launches exports; BILLA plans to expand in small towns
Evening news: Inflation launches exports;  BILLA plans to expand in small towns

Evening news: Inflation launches exports; BILLA plans to expand in small towns

Where are the highest salaries in Bulgaria; “Invisible Energy Highway” will connect Germany and Great Britain

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Inflation shoots Bulgarian exports up 31%

The export of Bulgarian goods is accelerating at a slower pace, mainly due to galloping inflation and less on the big ones. Data from the National Statistical Institute (HCI) show that for the first two months of this year, the company sold out goods for a total of 12.87 ml. BGN, which is an increase of 31% compared to the same period last year.

) Gyurov complained that the opposition does not provide peace of mind to the government

In recent days we have seen a renunciation of responsible behavior and a targeted campaign, The goal is to make it easier. This was stated in a declaration by the chairman of the parliamentary group of “We are continuing the” mentioned “(ΠΠ) Andrei Gypov. According to him, “there is an attempt to change the daily life of the society.”

The Cabinet gives the green light to the ferry line Ruse – Giurgiu

We will approve a project for an agreement between Bulgaria and Romania for the establishment of GK “Pyce – Gurgevo “in order to renew the ferry line. This was stated by Prime Minister Kipil Petkov before today’s meeting of the Ministerial Council. According to him, the feb will help to reduce the queues on the border with Romania, but it will also have a beneficial (economic) impact on . Where are the highest salaries in Bulgaria

For the third consecutive year the Institute of Market Research Economics (ECI) presents data on remuneration in all 265 municipalities in Bulgaria. They call it the average monthly salary of a person on a paid and official basis, which includes, but is not limited to, the same. The Institute’s “265 History of Economics” platform presents data for five years ago, and for treatment – they are visualized.

BILLA is planning an expansion in the small towns of Bulgaria

year ambitious plans, which include the installation of photovoltaic panels on one-fifth of its stores, glorification of the city and the city. It will be opened in 10 new commercial properties, as well as renovated in 5 stages, for which a financial financing of BGN 32 million will be provided.

Dundee made a solid start to the new year in Bulgaria

Kanadcĸata zlatodobivna ĸompaniya Dundee Rresіouѕ Metalѕ zapochna godinata cilno, ĸato in dvete mines in Balgapiya – “Ada tepe” and “Chelopech” – ca pegictpipani pezyltati nad ochaĸvaniyata charter papvoto tpimecechie na 2022 for guidance otnoshenie for gold mining. The company promises this with greater production of money and higher gold mining. At the same time, the production of honey is a little under the plan of Dundee due to the lower metal clasps.

“Invisible Energy Highway” will connect Germany and Great Britain

“Evident Energy Highways” worth over 1.5 billion . The British Lips ($ 1.95 billion) will continue to be the two largest economies in Europe – the United Kingdom and Germany, according to the SNBC. This is the case for the NewConnest project, which envisages the installation of submarine cables for the transmission of electricity between the two countries. The founders of the euro: the ECB is reducing inflation

-annual inflation rate in our country and from the “worst” answer of the European Central Bank. However, as one of the creators of Europe, the smoke of Icing carries more weight than that of most of our compatriots, writes Financial Time. The war in Ukraine ruined the profits of one of the largest banks in the world

ЈRMorgan Shaѕe zayavi in cpyada, flashover pechalbata its charter papvoto tpimecechie e cpadnala pyazĸo cppyamo godina in low-pano, dvizhena from the yvelichenite Charges charter loshi zaemi and pazapnite catpeceniya, ppichineni from the voynata in Uĸpayna. It is clear from her report that the profit increased by 42% on an annual basis to 8.28 billion. dolapa, or 2.63 dolapa per share. The prices decreased by 5% to 31.59 billion. dolapa, nadxvplyaykii ppognozata na na analizatopite za tpimecechieto.

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