/Ukraine war – the situation on Friday: Russian gas giant Gazprom gives up German subsidiary
Ukraine war – the situation on Friday: Russian gas giant Gazprom gives up German subsidiary

Ukraine war – the situation on Friday: Russian gas giant Gazprom gives up German subsidiary

Ukraine war – the situation on Friday Russian gas giant Gazprom gives up German subsidiary

Gazprom gives up its German subsidiary Gazprom Germania. Ukraine and Russia continue their negotiations in online format. The situation at a glance.

The Russian energy giant Gazprom says it is giving up its German subsidiary Gazprom Germania. “On March 31, the Gazprom Group ended its stake in the German company Gazprom Germania GmbH and all of its assets, including Gazprom Marketing & Trading Ltd.”, the Russian group announced on its Telegram channel on Friday. No further details were given. Gazprom Germania initially did not comment. It was initially unclear whether this would affect the German market. Read more here: Gazprom gives up German subsidiary Gazprom Germania.

IEA agrees to release additional oil reserves

In view of the high crude oil prices, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has basically declared its willingness to release further oil reserves. The Japanese Ministry of Industry announced on Friday that an agreement on the volume and the exact time could be reached within a week. The IEA member states had previously come together for an emergency meeting in Tokyo. They had already agreed on March 1 to release about 60 million barrels. On Thursday, President Joe Biden gave the green light to start pumping 1 million barrels a day from US strategic reserves for six months beginning in May.

Oil prices are up more than 30 percent this year. According to the IEA, around three million barrels a day from Russian production are likely to be missing in April due to Western sanctions against Russia following the invasion of Ukraine.

EU Council President Michel warns China against supporting Russia

The European Union and China see a threat to global security and the world economy in the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. This was announced by EU Council President Charles Michel after a virtual meeting with China’s head of state. Addressing the government in Beijing, Michel warns that any form of support for Russia, for example to circumvent the sanctions, would unnecessarily prolong the war. Steps by China to help end the war, on the other hand, are welcome.

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Ukraine and Russia continue negotiations

Ukraine and Russia have resumed negotiations. The Ukrainian Presidential Office announced that the talks continued in online format, without giving details. During a visit to India, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke of progress in the negotiations. The government in Moscow is currently preparing its response to Ukrainian proposals. On Tuesday, delegations from both sides met in person in Istanbul through the mediation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podoljak afterwards spoke of a positive feeling.

Russia withdraws some troops from Kyiv region

According to the governor of the Kyiv region, Russia is continuing its withdrawal from the region north of the Ukrainian capital. The troops are on their way to Belarus, Governor Olexandr Pavlyuk announced via Telegram. “We are observing the movement of Russian columns of various sizes.” The troops had left the village of Hostomel, which is near the airport of the same name, but were staying in the neighboring town of Bucha. The information from Ukraine cannot be independently verified.

Almost 295,000 refugees from Ukraine in Germany

Ukrainian helicopters are said to have attacked a Russian oil depot

The governor of a Russian border region has accused Ukrainian troops of attacking Russian territory. Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov announced on Friday via the Telegram news channel that Ukrainian helicopters had attacked an oil storage facility in the morning. The depot, a facility of the Russian energy company Roseneft about 35 kilometers from the border, was set on fire in the attack. According to Gladkow, two people were injured.

“The fire at the oil depot was caused by an airstrike by two helicopters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which entered Russian territory at low altitude,” wrote the governor. It was not possible to verify his statements or the images of the alleged attack circulating on social media.

USA: Putin appears to be isolating

The Russian President Vladimir Putin is also allegedly taking action against his own people. According to the US government, he may have relieved some of his advisers from their duties during the Ukraine war and isolating himself. “There are indications that he has fired some of his advisers or put them under house arrest,” said US President Joe Biden in the White House.

Again plans for a humanitarian corridor in Mariupol on Friday

After demands from Germany and France, Russia says it wants to make a new attempt for a humanitarian corridor from the embattled port city of Mariupol this Friday. The Russian Ministry of Defense in Moscow announced on Thursday evening a ceasefire for the planned start of the evacuation from 9:00 a.m. CEST. People should be taken out of the city with the participation of the Red Cross and the United Nations Refugee Agency, Major General Mikhail Mizintsev said.

The renewed attempt for a humanitarian corridor follows an appeal by Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and French President Emmanuel Macron to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the ministry said in Moscow. Mizintsev accused the Ukrainian side of using shelling to prevent the city’s evacuation on Thursday. However, thousands of people were taken out of Mariupol.

The Ukrainian side, on the other hand, repeatedly accuses Moscow of sabotaging the refugee corridors by shelling them and of kidnapping people to Russia. Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Wereshchuk announced that no buses had reached the besieged Mariupol. She didn’t give any reasons.

However, more than 1,400 people with private cars reached Zaporizhia via the three agreed escape corridors. More than 600 people were from Mariupol, the rest from the Zaporizhia region. More than 30 buses were due to make a new attempt to enter the besieged city on Friday, she said. About 600 people from Berdyansk, which was already occupied by Russian troops, would be taken to Zaporizhia with further buses.

Russian state television keeps showing people – presumably from Mariupol – who are happy about their rescue and complain about not having been let out of the city for weeks. Moscow claims Ukrainian nationalists are keeping the civilians in the city to use them as human shields to prevent the city from being stormed by the Russian army. The information provided by the Russian and Ukrainian sides cannot be independently verified.

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City Commander: situation in Kyiv is improving

Meanwhile, according to the city commandant, the situation in Kyiv has eased somewhat. The situation around the capital is improving, according to a statement by General Mykola Schyrnow published on Thursday evening. The civil infrastructure will be restored, this affects companies as well as commercial and service facilities. But fighting continues in the outskirts of Kiev. Schyrnow called on the population to be careful. Airborne alert signals should continue to be heeded.

Ukraine reports military successes

Ukrainian troops say they have recaptured eleven settlements in the southern Ukrainian region of Cherson in the past few days. During the advance in the north of the region, they also came across heavy Russian military equipment, including T-64 tanks. According to the General Staff in Kyiv, Russian units were not able to gain ground anywhere. The eastern city of Kharkiv continued to be shelled, but a breakthrough attempt near Izyum failed. A Russian advance in the southern Mykolaiv region was unsuccessful. In the north, some Russian units have withdrawn. The information cannot be independently verified.

South Ukraine and Dombass still fiercely contested

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, however, also acknowledged problems on other fronts of the war. “The situation in the south and in Donbass remains extremely difficult,” said the head of state. According to the Ukrainian general staff, Russia wants to maintain its military presence in eastern and southern Ukraine. Attempts were being made to set up an administration in the occupied regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Cherson, the General Staff announced during the night. In the course of this, it is expected that there will continue to be hostilities there. Russia had announced that it had completely conquered the Cherson region.

Russians block 45 buses for evacuation from Mariupol

Russian armed forces apparently block 45 buses to rescue civilians in Mariupol. Buses have been stopped outside of Berdyansk, some 75 km west of Mariupol, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said in an online post. On Friday they will continue to try to establish a humanitarian corridor to Mariupol so as not to leave our people alone, Vereshchuk said.

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