/Payment of Russian oil in rubles deferred. Gas soars more than 10% with German measures
Payment of Russian oil in rubles deferred.  Gas soars more than 10% with German measures

Payment of Russian oil in rubles deferred. Gas soars more than 10% with German measures

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Follow here minute by minute the evolution of the conflict in Ukraine and its impact on the markets.

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Wall Street reflects concerns about the economy

Wall Street opens in low, com North American actions have negatively reacted to the strong rises in energy raw materials. The effect of the prospects for peace in Ukraine is about to lose force and be clouded by economic recessions.

O Dow industrial index Jones lost, in the first negotiations, 0.12% to 35,250.16 points, while the financial S&P 500 lost 0.22% to 4,621.42 points. The technological Nasdaq yields 0.38% for 14,563.72 points.

To penalize the markets is the announcement that Germany has an emergency plan to deal with the crisis energy, which may eventually lead to the adoption of rationing measures. While trying to assess the advances and resources of the war, the investors are reflecting on their concerns with the health of the global economies.

The market for the sovereign division of the United States should give this third-fair a warning sign. The “yield” of the “Treasuries” at two years exceeded the obligations with maturity at 10 years, something that had not happened since 2019, during the trade war between the administration or President Donald Trump and Pequim.

“The inversion of the curve gives ‘Yields’ need to be sustained before being an indicator of what you want to be seen,” says Mariann Montagne, senior portfolio manager at Gradient Investments on Bloomberg TV. Notice, no entanto, for “volatility in both the shareholder market and the obligationist market”. disclosed by the ADP, before the opening of the market, which indicates a reinforcement in the creation of employment in the private sector above what was expected (same as at the lowest rate since August). In March, 455 thousand positions were opened by the companies, over estimates of 450 thousand.


“Hackers” who will compromise modems in Ukraine are still active

The “hackers” who will compromise dozens of satellite communication devices in Ukraine and in various parts of Europe they will still be active in trying to compromise Viasat telecommunications in the US, advances to Reuters agency.

Viasat was the target of a logo computer attack on the first day of the invasion of Ukraine, which affected communications in a significant. More than a month has passed, the company is still working to recover from this attack.

“We are still witnessing some deliberate attempts at attacks”, says a source from the company to the agency. According to this source, Viasat feared here “the state to resist the ‘hackers’ with defensive measures”, but refers that “it is still to see repeated attempts of attacks”.

At this time, it is not known who is responsible for this attack on Viasat.


Vladimir Putin demands that Mariupol surrender to end the attacks

According to a statement released by the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin will tell Emmanuel Macron, or French President, that the attacks on Mariupol will only stop when The Ukrainian troops renderem.

The comments will have been made during a phone call of more than an hour, on the night of this terça-feira.

On the French side, we checked information on Putin’s fact and agreed to consider plans to withdraw civilians from Mariupol, which It is going to be under attack for several weeks.

Official source of Eliseu dismissed the situation in Mariupol as “catastrophic”, adding that “the civilian population is afraid of being protected and must leave the city whenever we want”. “We must also have access to food, water and the medicines that we need.”

Apart from France, also Turkey and Greece have presented Putin with plans for the city to be evacuated.


Germany takes measures to protect non-natural gas constraints. Advance prices more than 10%

The prices Natural gas is accelerating in Europe for the second consecutive session. The shot of this fourth-feira is going to be more expressive since Germany has announced that it has taken measures to prevent possible restrictions on the supply of natural gas to Russia.

The “benchmark” for European natural gas is going to advance 10.72% in Amesterdão, for 120 euros per MW/h. During this fourth-feira já chegaram to touch us 123 euros.

No oil market, or crude West Texas Intermediate ( WTI) about 3.35% to 107.73 dollars per barrel. Já o Brent negotiated in the North Sea — which serves as a reference for European imports — advances 3.14% to 113.69 dollars.

This was the first step in Germany to prevent a possible crisis in the supply of natural gas. According to Berlim, this is an “initial warning”, since it is intended to minimize risks of disruption or non-supply of natural gas in Russia. In the case of Germany, 55% of natural gas last year was imported from Russia.


More than 4 thousand Ukrainians left the country since the Russian invasion

More than 4 million people left Ukraine since Russia was invaded or the country, on February 24, indicated, this fourth quarter, to the United Nations Agency for The Refugees (UNHCR).

Com uma Estimated population of approximately 44 thousand inhabitants before the war, it means that about one in every eleven Ukrainians crossed the borders within about five weeks.

According to the UNHCR data, quoted by the Guardian, besides two more than 4 thousand refugees, it is estimated that there are 6.5 thousand displaced people i internally. More than 2.3 million Ukrainians who leave the country are currently in Poland.


Energy payment Russian in rubles will be a delayed process

Or the process of transition of two payments for energy exports Russia for rubles will take a long time and will not start immediately, despite the deadline given by presidential order. Vladimir Putin has set a deadline of March 31 for the alteration, but the Kremlin has just recovered.

“É um process that will take longer technologically in terms of time,” said Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the Kremlin, in statements quoted by Bloomberg. “The payment and delivery are differentiated at no time”. develop a transition mechanism so that payments for energy purchases pass to be made in rubles, instead of euros or dollars.

The deadline previously established was March 31, but this was abandoned with the justification that it will study the available options and extension to other raw materials.

According to Bloomberg, Dmitry Peskov also advanced the same phone call with journalists who had not made any progress in negotiations with Ukraine. Refusing to specify what the proposals are on top of the table, or the spokesman for the Kremlin sublinhou who still has a lot of work to do.


Perante lei seca, cervejaria fights the war with “molotov cocktails”


Former commander of NATO says that there will be no peace as long as Putin is not able to

Richard Shirreff, former deputy supreme commander of NATO in Europe, says that, as “most das pessoas”, have deep suspicions relative to Russia’s promise to reduce the attacks in kyiv and Chernihiv.

” This is an acknowledgment that it is certain that an attempt of advancing in multiple successive failures and it is very probable that there is a pressuring of the concentration of forces in another area”, he affirmed, quoted by the BBC.

“As long as Putin is in the Kremlin, we can’t have peace in Europe,” he said, disbelieving as a “blood-stained autocrat.”

For the former British commander to NATO, he had to guarantee that the conflict “continues to be a cold war – and not quente”, or that it means that the alliance must prepare for a war scenario in all aspects.

“We have not yet seen this increase in NATO’s capacity, which is now going to be essential it is NATO to prevent any additional aggression”, he stressed.

10:38 am


Attacks continue in Chernihiv despite Moscow’s pledge to reduce the escalation of the conflict

The governor of Chernihiv in northern Ukraine says the attacks are continuing despite Moscow’s pledge to “drastically” reduce military activity in the region. “Do we believe that? Of course not”, he wrote, in a message on Telegram, quoted by the BBC.

According to Viacheslav Chaus, Russian military forces carried out attacks, including air attacks, on the city of Nizhyn throughout the night and hit Chernihiv.

The Russian Deputy Defense Minister announced on Tuesday, that the Kremlin decided to drastically reduce military activity in the direction of Kiev and Chernihiv.

The main negotiator of the Russian delegation, Vladimir Medinsky, made it clear, however, that this should not be interpreted as a ceasefire.

“This is not a ceasefire, but this is our aspiration, to gradually achieve a de-escalation of the conflict on at least these fronts”, advanced Vladimir Medinsky, in statements quoted by the Russian agency TASS.

09:15 am

European stocks in the red with investor optimism calming down. PSI and FTSE in countercycle

European stock exchanges are registering losses this morning, the correct the significant gains of the previous session. In addition, the optimism experienced in the stock exchanges due to Russian promises has now given way to some skepticism, namely with NATO looking for evidence of such a “significant reduction” in the military near Kiev.

Thus, the main European stock exchanges are devaluing, with the exception of the Lisbon and London stock exchanges, which are registering slight gains.

The Stoxx 600, which groups the largest European listed companies, is down 0.47% this morning.

All sectors are in the red, with the exception of oil and gas and basic resources – the only sectors that closed with losses in the previous session, which was marked by significant increases. These two sectors are up 2.18% and 1.45% this morning, respectively.

The biggest drops are registered by the automotive sector (-1.58%) and by the retail sector (-1 .44%), in an apparent correction movement. In the previous session, the automotive sector soared more than 5%, for example.

The PSI is up 0.16%, while the English FTSE adds up to 0.22%. The other indices are devaluing: the Spanish IBEX dropped 0.37%, while the German DAX dropped 0.99% and the French CAC 40 0.78%. In Milan there was a devaluation of 0.44% at this time and in Amsterdam of 0.19%.


Announced opening of three humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians

The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Iryna Vereshchuk, announced that it was agreed for today to open three corridors humanitarian aid for the evacuation of civilians from the country.

The corridors aim to allow the evacuation of Mariupol and the delivery of humanitarian aid to Berdyansk, as well as the evacuation of civilians from Melitopol, and a passage for a column of people with their own vehicles from the city of Energodar to Zaporizhia is also planned.”Columns of buses and trucks carrying humanitarian aid have already left the city of Zaporizhia”, he said, quoted in an official statement.


“We demand that the occupation forces fulfill their commitments and allow the delivery of humanitarian aid through the checkpoints. On their way back to Zaporizhia, people in their own vehicles managed to join the humanitarian aid columns in Berdyansk and Melitopol,” he said.

Iryna Vereshchuk stated that on Tuesday the Russian delegation received proposals regarding the opening of humanitarian corridors in the 97 most affected neighborhoods in the regions of Kharkiv, Kiev, Kherson, Chernihiv, Sumy, Zaporizhia, Donetsk, Luhansk and Mykolaiv. “Today we will continue to work to receive responses towards the approval of these humanitarian corridors by the Russian Federation”, Iryna Vereshchuk.


US warns Americans about risk of being detained in Russia

The United States has issued a new travel alert for Russia warning that authorities “can to identify and detain” Americans in the country.

Referring to the potential harassment that citizens of the United States, the alert repeats calls to Americans not to travel to Russia or, if they are there, to leave “immediately”.

Washington also warns of “arbitrary application of local law”, noting continuous reports of Americans who were “identified and detained by the Russian military” when they were in Ukraine or when they were leaving, by land, from territory occupied by Russia.

“If you want to leave Russia, you must make arrangements yourself , ASAP”. says the alert.


“Ukrainians are not naive”, says Zelensky

Volodymyr Zelensky signaled the progress of the peace negotiations as positive. However, in his usual daily message on Tuesday night, the Ukrainian president recalled that the talks “do not erase the explosions of Russian bombings”.

“Ukrainians are not naive”, stated Zelensky, pointing out that he had no reason to believe the words of the representatives of the Russian delegation, who yesterday in Turkey ensured the retreat of Moscow troops from Kiev.

The Ukrainian president again called for the tightening of sanctions against Russia, stressing that they “must be effective, not just headlines for the media”.


Oil recovers from the fall brought by promises from Russia

Oil is currently appreciating, recovering from the losses experienced in the previous session. The promises made by Russia this Tuesday weighed on the price of “black gold” which, even if for a brief moment, came to trade below 100 dollars. The picture is different this morning and oil is recovering from the two previous sessions in the red.

The West Texas Intermediate (WTI), traded in New York, is adding 2.47%, with the barrel trading at 106.81 dollars.

In turn, Brent from the North Sea, the benchmark for Portugal, is increasing by 2.08% . The barrel of Brent is trading at 112.52 dollars.

Up to this point in the year, WTI has gained over 42% and Brent over 44%.

In addition to the war in Europe, investors are also aware of the growing tensions in the Middle East and the evolution of the pandemic in China and what impacts it may have on demand. This Thursday, OPEC+ will meet to discuss the strategy for May.


Euro and Pound on the rise. Dollar falling for two sessions

Two of the main European currencies, the euro and the pound sterling, continue to appreciate, after the significant gains of the previous session.

In the case of the single currency, it is the third session of gains against the US dollar. At this point, the euro appreciates 0.3% against the “green note” to 1.1119 dollars. In the previous session, on the heels of statements about negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, the euro recorded gains of 0.92%.

Also the pound sterling is appreciating against the dollar and is currently rising 0.13% to 1, 3110 dollars. This is the second session that the British currency is gaining ground against the dollar.

In turn, the dollar is falling by 0.38%, in what is the second session of devaluation against a basket of rival currencies.


Precious metals to be recovered. Gold returns to gains after reaching one-month lows

Gold and the rest Precious metals are rallying in Wednesday’s session. In the previous session, developments from the meeting between the representatives of Ukraine and Russia, which took place in Istanbul, weighed on the price of metals.

As an asset that is usually most sought after in times of uncertainty, the promise made by Russia to reduce the military operation in the surroundings Kiev encouraged investors and turned them away from such assets. As a result, gold tumbled and came to trade below $1,900 per ounce, a month ago.

This morning, given the West’s distrust of Russia’s words, gold and other precious metals, like silver and platinum, are recovering. Gold adds up to 0.25% at this point, with the ounce quoted at 1,924.29 dollars.

In turn, silver adds 0.42% to 24.88 dollars per ounce; platinum up 0.92% to $995.46 an ounce.

Gnanasekar Thiagarajan, director of Commtrendz Risk Management Services Pvt, tells Bloomberg that “it’s still too early to expect any withdrawal of the troops and de-escalation of the conflict. We expect gold prices to move in the range of 1870 – 1945 dollars in the coming sessions.”

7:40 am

NATO does not trust Moscow’s intentions

NATO countries remain suspicious of Russia’s intentions, which yesterday promised – in the talks of peace in Turkey – back off the military offensive towards Kiev.

The United States says Ukraine’s capital remains under threat, with President Joe Biden wanting to wait and understand whether an eventual withdrawal of Russian troops will be an act of good faith or a simple strategic maneuver.

Bloomberg indicates that a Moscow spokesman has already clarified that a troop retreat does not mean a complete withdrawal of the Russian army, claiming that, at the moment, the Kremlin is focused on locations on the eastern Ukrainian side that allow it to open a corridor to Crimea, taken by Putin in 2014.

Meanwhile, this Wednesday, the Russian Foreign Minister landed in Beijing, on Sergey Lavrov’s first trip to China since the start of the conflict. Moscow’s diplomatic chief will try to pull Xi Jinping to Russia’s side.

So far, the Chinese president has tried to adopt a position of relative neutrality, assuming himself as an ally of Putin and understanding their reasons, but not agreeing with the civilian casualties that the military invasion of Ukraine is causing.

7:40 am

Futures anticipate cautious opening in Europe in the face of doubts about Russia’s promises

European stock futures are anticipating an opening where caution reigns. After, in the previous session, the declarations of Russia about a reduction of the military activity in the outskirts of Kiev boosted the European stock exchanges, this Wednesday it is time to analyze the veracity of the Russian promises.

Right now, Stoxx 50 futures are down 0.077%. Index futures such as the DAX or the CAC 40 are also pointing to devaluations.

For now, NATO is skeptical of Russia’s statements and is looking for evidence about to such a “significant reduction” in military activity.

In Asia, the session was mixed. The Japanese Nikkei and Topix indices closed in the red, down 0.95% and 1.25%, respectively. In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng appreciated 1.76%, while the Shanghai stock exchange also advanced, appreciating 1.79%. In South Korea, the Kospi advanced 0.13%.

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Gas and oil skyrocket with the prospect of rationing in Germany. Wall Street gives in

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