/Elon Musk launched a US $ 100 million giveaway: what are the requirements to participate?
Elon Musk launched a US $ 100 million giveaway: what are the requirements to participate?

Elon Musk launched a US $ 100 million giveaway: what are the requirements to participate?

Your initiative could accelerate the emission reduction targets that most countries have announced to fight climate change

The tycoon Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, announced through his account on the social network Twitter his intention to award 100 million dollars to the project that develops the best technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions. Musk will offer more details about this particular call “next week.” Although from his answers he seems to want to allocate this technology to SpaceX and to “rockets with totally renewable energy”, its applications would go much further and could accelerate the emission reduction objectives that the Most countries have announced to fight climate change.

Am donating $100M towards a prize for best carbon capture technology — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 21, 2021

The technology still does not solve this problem

Capturing the CO2 emissions has become one of the pillars of many projects to avoid or at least minimize the effects of climate change, but curiously, advances in this regard have been greatly reduced. In fact, most efforts have been directed at cutting emissions, not at capturing those emissions from the air. The International Energy Agency already commented at the end of 2020 that a technology to capture CO2 emissions was necessary if countries wanted to achieve their zero emissions goals.

Plant trees as an alternative

Also known as “Carbon Capture and Storage” (CCS), this process aims to capture carbon dioxide at the source of the emission and “sequester” it so that don’t end up leaking into the air. The alternatives that have appeared so far have not proven to be efficient, and add a high cost to the production processes, which makes the technology uncompetitive. At Vox they explored some of the alternatives to do so, including a slightly different approach called CCU (Carbon Capture and Utilization) that would allow the captured CO2 to be used for various products and services. In the responses to that tweet it seems that one of the approaches that Musk would give this technology would be to their rockets to make them possible to have some type of renewable energy. Other commenters criticized that this money was not offered to projects that accelerate the production and distribution of vaccines against COVID-19, while others responded to Musk with a solution that already exists: trees.

Elon Musk lanzó un sorteo de u$s100 millonesElon Musk launched a $100 million raffle

The deforestation is in fact one of the major problems that contribute to increasing carbon emissions, and some argue that planting trees would be the most effective and cheapest plan to curb climate change.
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