/Schools: the executive “very supportive of Jean-Michel Blanquer”, assures Gabriel Attal
Schools: the executive “very supportive of Jean-Michel Blanquer”, assures Gabriel Attal

Schools: the executive “very supportive of Jean-Michel Blanquer”, assures Gabriel Attal

The Minister of National Education is challenged for his management of the Covid crisis at school.

We are all very supportive of Jean-Michel Blanquer “, said Wednesday January 12 the spokesman of the government Gabriel Attal, assuring government solidarity the Minister of National Education, challenged for its management of the Covid crisis at school. “ We have been advancing like a pack in this crisis from the start, it is true that there have been difficulties since the start of this crisis, and therefore there is obviously solidarity between the members of the government ”, added Gabriel Attal, specifying that the “ decisions are taken in a collegial way ”. To read alsoBlanquer to teachers: “We are not going on strike against a virus” SEE ALSO – Covid-19: “ We understand and hear fatigue teachers ”, assures Gabriel Attal

Long solid at the post, longevity record at stake, Jean-Michel Blanquer is experiencing a difficult end to the five-year term with scrambles in the health protocols at school. “Not everything has been perfect over the last few days” and “we understand the fatigue, the weariness of teachers, educational staff and families ”, conceded Gabriel Attal at the end of the Council of Ministers. Thursday, a massive strike is planned in education, with 75% of striking teachers announced and half of schools closed according to the first primary union, at the heart of the turbulence of a turbulent return to school, marked by three changes in the protocol health in one week. A disputed health protocol

Due to the late arrival of the health recommendations of the High Council (December 31), (…) we had to adapt constantly “, added Gabriel Attal. On Monday, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced a modification to the protocol presented on the eve of the start of the school year by Jean-Michel Blanquer: three simple self-tests for contact cases at school are now sufficient, against a PCR or antigenic test then two self-tests . According to Gabriel Attal, the executive has in recent days tried to find a “ protocol that is both pragmatic and protective ”, with “ more flexibility ” which “ makes it possible to avoid superfluous tests, excessively long waits and above all closed classes with 300,000 cases per day ”. For the government spokesperson, the “ response ” to be provided must be a “ work hand in hand ” between the Ministry of National Education and the trade unions. Read alsoCovid-19 at school: where are the saliva tests taken? “ Obviously this dialogue will continue, Jean-Michel Blanquer’s door is always open to discuss with the teachers and move forward together ”, he insisted. Gabriel Attal finally repeated again that, for the government, “ the closing of schools will never be an easy solution, it must always remain a last resort ”.

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