/Mistakes in online job interviews: You should know these 4 tips
Mistakes in online job interviews: You should know these 4 tips

Mistakes in online job interviews: You should know these 4 tips

Even if an online job interview seems more comfortable and convenient in some aspects, some aspects must be considered. With these four tips you are optimally prepared for the online job interview.

Tip 1: Create the necessary technical requirements

As soon as you have been informed about the software on which the online job interview will take place (for example as a video call via Skype or Zoom), you should familiarize yourself with that software. It is of fundamental importance to start at least one test run before the interview. This is where you can identify potential flaws in the camera, microphone, or internet connection. After all, the certainty that everything worked smoothly in the tests prior to the call can provide a good deal of security and take the nervousness away. You should also check whether the username or profile picture is serious enough or whether it might even be worth creating a separate account for professional purposes.

Tip 2: Pay attention to the environment

In an online job interview, you have the advantage of being able to independently determine the place where the interview will ultimately take place to be led. As Gundi Poch, Head of HR at “karriere tutor”, reveals, the applicant’s surroundings and background are also examined carefully: “Which room did the applicant choose for the interview? Does the background look friendly and tidy? Or does it look the basket with ironing or the thick layer of dust on the shelf?” You should also make sure that the camera perspective is good enough to see the face. In the best case, the lighting comes from the front or diagonally from the side to avoid a constellation in which the face is in shadow. Ideally, the distance should be chosen so that the upper body and thus the gestures are clearly recognizable for the person you are talking to, according to the expert at “karriere tutor”.

Tip 3: The right clothes

Now you are familiar with the software, the microphone and the camera work, the camera was perfectly aligned and the background was carefully chosen? Then you can now tackle tip number 3: the right clothes. It should be obvious that conducting the interview from home does not automatically mean that comfortable casual clothing is also an option for the interview. With regard to the choice of clothing, the expert Gundi Poch advises dressing for an online job interview in the same way as when you are invited to a personal interview. However, the right style of clothing can be completely different from industry to industry, even from company to company. Therefore, it can be helpful to look at the team photos on the company’s website in advance and to apply the dress code shown on them for the online job interview.

Tip 4: Preparation is the be-all and end-all

Regardless of whether the interview takes place online or in person – the questions that you as an applicant is confronted with are often identical. When it comes to preparing for a job interview, Gundi Poch advises looking at your own strengths, among other things. After all, the company also wants to know why an applicant would fit well into their team and what motivates the applicant. On the other hand, according to the HR expert, an applicant should “definitely deal with the company profile of your potential new employer” in advance of the online job interview.

What goes without saying for any “conventional” job interview also applies to the online format. As an applicant, you should also be able to respond online to possible questions regarding the tasks of the job. In contrast to a personal interview, however, the advertisement together with the CV and cover letter could be ready so that, in case of doubt, a quick, inconspicuous look can be taken.

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