/Madrid is considering easing corona surveillance
Madrid is considering easing corona surveillance

Madrid is considering easing corona surveillance

MADRID (dpa-AFX) – A relaxation of the monitoring of corona infections planned by the Spanish government to relieve the overwhelmed health system is met with a lot of resistance. “There are measures that cannot be dispensed with. Until this wave is over, it is not advisable to change the system,” said the Vice President of the Spanish Society for Epidemiology, Óscar Zurriaga, on Wednesday in an interview with the German press Agency.

The professor at the University of Valencia stressed: “The pandemic is not over yet and we do not know where it will take us.” You cannot compare Covid-19 with the flu. “In a bad flu season, we can have around 1,500 deaths.” There are still significantly higher numbers for Corona.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said in an interview with the radio station “Cadena Ser” on Monday that Spanish experts have been working on it “for weeks”, Covid-19 is like a flu and to monitor the development of cases of infection using a surveillance system. One must take into account that Covid-19 is developing from a pandemic into an endemic disease that requires new tools to respond. Meanwhile, the socialist politician made it clear that he was not aiming to go it alone: ​​”We are trying to initiate a debate at European level.”

Criticism of the idea was not only voiced in Spain. Even the WHO Europe does not see the time yet to declare the pandemic an endemic. While fighting a pandemic crisis, one must be very careful about predicting the future, WHO Regional Director Hans Kluge said on Tuesday. When asked whether Omicron could represent the last corona wave, he said: “This virus has surprised us more than once.”

WHO expert Catherine Smallwood also made it clear that one could still do so for a long time not speak of an endemic, which is primarily characterized by a stable circulation of the virus. “We still have a lot of uncertainty.” The virus is developing very quickly and is constantly posing new challenges.

Spain has experienced a rapid increase in the number of corona in recent weeks, which is placing a heavy burden on the healthcare system and other sectors. The number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days, which had recorded an annual low of around 18 in mid-October, was most recently 1462. However, the growth curve has been flattening out for a few days. For comparison: This 7-day incidence in Germany is 407./er/DP/eas

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