/VW relies on rails

VW relies on rails

January 8, 2022 11:30

The transport route between the Braunschweig and Zwickau locations has already been switched to tracks. However, Volkswagen is planning even more rail routes in order to reduce the emissions caused by the necessary transport in production. If major car manufacturers rely on rail, then this mode of transport is actually on the advance. Of course, the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group is also happy to see that. And she’s ready for it. Heavy parts by train Heavy parts in particular are to be brought from one production facility to another by train. And since, not least, batteries in e-cars will increase the transport load, rail transport will become even more important. So far, however, it has not been possible to do without truck journeys entirely. Bigger trucks For this purpose, Volkswagen is currently using larger trucks that can transport two more cars. This also reduces emissions and relieves traffic because fewer journeys are necessary. Railway experts see another problem. Air conditioning costs not included in the price Most of the time, trucking is still cheaper than taking the train. However, the indirect costs due to the poorer climate footprint of road traffic are not factored in. A calculation from 2019 shows that truck traffic in the EU caused almost 200 billion euros of such external costs. These were therefore indirectly subsidized by the EU. Do we have to rethink? The basic principle in logistics is: avoid – relocate – improve. But this also includes a social rethink. Because in order to protect the climate, everyone has to help together. The question is whether we are ready for it. The question is: do we want to price in these climate costs? Provider ready Rail transport companies would of course support pricing. But it’s not just about getting more orders. It is also a contribution towards more climate-friendly production.

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