/“Piss off” the unvaccinated: faced with Macron's “cynicism”, Pécresse wants to “raise the presidential office”
“Piss off” the unvaccinated: faced with Macron's “cynicism”, Pécresse wants to “raise the presidential office”

“Piss off” the unvaccinated: faced with Macron's “cynicism”, Pécresse wants to “raise the presidential office”

During a press conference this Saturday at her campaign HQ, candidate LR in the presidential election blasted a “president who was tough with the weak and weak with the strong”.

Valérie Pécresse wants to embody “ respect “. She repeated it several times during her press conference held this Saturday, January 8 at her campaign HQ, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. Surrounded by the main tenors of the right – Gérard Larcher, Christian Jacob, Bruno Retailleau, Annie Genevard – and his former opponents of the LR Congress, his “ musketeers ” – Éric Ciotti, Michel Barnier and Xavier Bertrand (Philippe Juvin being absent, tested positive for Covid-19) -, the candidate LR in the presidential election strongly criticized the President of the Republic. After the release of Emmanuel Macron this week on the unvaccinated, he wants to “piss off until the end”, Valérie Pécresse blasted a “ pyromaniac president ” who arouses, through his statements, “ discord and contempt “. According to her, the outputs of the President of the Republic “ fuel the rejection of all authority figures, fracture the country and divide the French “. “ Faced with time of cynicism, I realize that I must take up the presidential office “, she underlines. To read also When Valérie Pécresse wakes up the “Kärcher” The President of the Senate, who had already denounced “the fault” of the President of the Republic this week in Le Figaro , also spoke to denounce “ the lowering of the democratic debate “. “ Macron cannot knowingly use provocation to hysterize the political debate. (…) The excess assumed will not prevent us from talking about the project “, he continued, accusing Emmanuel Macron of” creating a diversion ”.

A “ pile of renunciations ”

During her speech, Valérie Pécresse also denounced a “ chatty presidency ” with “ words without a future “And” broken promises “. If she is elected, the president of the Ile-de-France region wishes “ to fight (…) the accumulation of renouncements and inertias ” and to put an end to ” state powerlessness ”, a“ evil that is eating away at our country ”. According to her, if Emmanuel Macron did not succeed, it is also because he acted alone. “ The outgoing president has staged a solitary presidency disconnected from the deep aspirations and daily difficulties of the French “, she attacks. On the contrary, it wishes to rely on “ collective intelligence “. “ Neither egocentrism nor narcissism, I will not be a soloist president but a conductor “, she promises, insisting on her desire to give back “ from power to the territories ”. To read also Presidential 2022: in the Pécresse team, the cockpit is set up Insisting on the “ permanent zig zag ” and the lack of “ convictions ” of Emmanuel Macron, Valérie Pécresse also says he wants to embody a presidency “ firm but benevolent “: “ uncompromising and without mercy towards those who defy our laws ” and “ benevolent towards the vast majority of our fellow citizens (…) who defend our values ​​“. According to her, the President of the Republic is “ hard with the weak and weak with the strong “.

It is “not the role” of elected LR officials to sponsor Éric Zemmour

Asked about the rumors that have been running for a few days, according to which LR would discreetly help Eric Zemmour by not sanctioning his elected officials who would grant him their sponsorship, the candidate said that it was “ not (his ) role ”nor that of LR elected officials to provide assistance to the nationalist. “ The elected Republicans bring their sponsorship to their candidate and must sponsor their candidate “, she ruled. However, Valérie Pécresse believes that when “u a political figure represents a current of thought, she must be able to present herself “. “ We must fight so that all those who do not think like us can say it “, she defends. And to add that for her, the question of the anonymity of the elected officials sponsoring the candidates – deleted during the mandate of François Hollande – “ arises “. “ When a certain number of mayors find themselves unable to sponsor the candidate of their political heart, it is problematic for democracy “, she concludes. SEE ALSO –

Sponsorships: Zemmour “must be able to represent his current of thought »In the presidential election, according to Valérie Pécresse

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