/Will the restrictions return ?, pico por ómicron reignites the debate
Will the restrictions return ?, pico por ómicron reignites the debate

Will the restrictions return ?, pico por ómicron reignites the debate


For now, the presence measures are maintained in the classes for children and young people.

César Melgarejo / CEET


January 03, 2022 – 08 : 32 p. m.



The advance of the omicron variant in Colombia has put the country in the middle of a fourth peak due to coronavirus at the beginning of the third year of the pandemic.

(Colombia exceeded 130,000 total deaths from covid-19).

It has also given space to the return of the debate on whether or not the restrictions should return, since in countries such as Austria or the Netherlands the mandate was a national confinement.

Also in Germany they analyze the possibility to cut the quarantine time as France and Spain have done, which reduced the isolation period from 10 to seven days, even They can shorten the isolation to five days if they receive a negative PCR test. It is precisely this period that is stipulated as quarantine in the United States.

In the local case, President Iván Duque rules it out for the moment and in fact made a new call for vaccination, “We have seen that in the last week they returned to attend for fear of omicron, the so-called is to attend to get vaccinated ”, said.

(Variant omicron redu Would the efficacy of vaccines change?).

Likewise, the presence measures are maintained in the classes .

The measure, if implemented, must be local, because since the national quarantine decreed by the central government in March 2020 ended, the responsibility for confinements, curfews , dry law and peak and cedula remained in the hands of the mayors and governors.

According to the country’s conditions, the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Fernando Ruiz pointed out that omicron It is characterized compared to other variants because the level of contagion is 5 to 10 times higher than the delta variant, therefore, it generates very fast peaks and accelerated growth, with a high impact in a very short time.

In the last ten days, the country went from having 3,060 new cases and 14,666 cont active agios, with 62,465 tests and 46 deceased.

Currently with a cutoff of January 2, 11,318 new cases were reported and 54,617 are active.

For now, the dimension that this new peak could have is unknown, since Colombia has a high level of protection thanks to vaccination, as well as by hybrid immunity, which is given by the prevalence of the virus in people and also by vaccination.

Additionally, the Ministry of Health points out that omicron has another characteristic, and it seems that it has less severity, so they are much faster pictures that look like a common flu, consequently people get infected faster.

(Colombia would extend the health emergency due to covid-19).

As to vaccination, in Colombia there are 69,861,890 doses distributed and 64,701,246 applied. 28,329,178 regimens have been completed and 3,328,515 booster doses have been injected. In addition, with a cut to January 1, private companies have reported 1,405,657 doses.

“We are in the time of more interactions, for the end of the year holidays, so we must make a call to all to be very responsible. In addition, Bogotá, Cali, Barranquilla and Medellín already have a hinted peak of the disease, so the call is to have moderation in the crowds, continue with the use of the mask and especially the reinforcement in the vaccination ”, said Ruiz.

The minister noted that “Would have a very rapid increase with an explosive growth in the demand for services, also with a very low reduction, taking into account that there is less use of ICU and lower death rate”

, assured Ruiz.

The country must take into account the characteristics of the virus, which has a shorter incubation period and has a much greater speed to infect the cell, for that reason the virus has a smaller space in the incubation period and the person can spread more quickly, therefore, a greater number of people nas ends up infected.

“In these conditions, the speed of diagnosis is very important; The PCR test must be applied as quickly as possible, in addition the virus levels, when contagion occurs, are considerably lower than those of other variants and for that reason there may be a significant number of false negatives, for which the Flu pictures must be treated from the outset that are omicron variable and take the person to their isolation ”, exposed.

He also recalled that when initially thinking about antigen tests “it is not very precise because and the result can be negative in symptomatic person, that is why it is important to apply PCR and take the isolation time until the result is known, in order to also maintain a control ”, he claimed.

Regarding the determinations that should be taken in the future, Ruiz pointed out that they will depend on the people, since ” only we have We will be able to continue enjoying this economic reactivation, massive events and leisure activities if we vaccinate and protect ourselves during the coming weeks, since we have the possibility of keeping the different activities open, available and all the movement of the economic sector and everything that we have enjoyed ourselves in the last 4 months ”, insisted.

In other countries there has already been a great impact on health workers for the variant, not so much for severe symptoms, but for disabling conditions, which take them out of circulation of the services, therefore organization within the institutions is very important and also an emphasis on the use of face masks.

“Vaccinated people can infect and, although they do not have severe symptoms, they transmit the disease, therefore isolation is very important, the secr health ages, they must be very strong in maintaining the obligation to wear face masks in cities ”, warned the head of the Health portfolio.


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