/They denounce evasion of US $ 100 million on the Venezuelan border
They denounce evasion of US $ 100 million on the Venezuelan border

They denounce evasion of US $ 100 million on the Venezuelan border

Puente internacional Simón Bolívar

Vicinity of the Simón Bolívar international bridge, on the border between Colombia and Venezuela.



January 03, 2022 – 08 : 57 p. m.



The Venezuelan opposition member Karim Vera denounced this Monday, January 3, that, during 2021, more than $ 100 million evaded in the border crossing between Venezuela and Colombia for merchandise entered through the “ smuggling “, with a scheme of” minor codes and imports “.

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Simply put, 99% of revenue was not processed that we denounced with documents in hand, on different occasions last year, not including the trafficking of illicit products such as drugs (source of the guerrilla groups that am for the regime) and mercury used for illegal mining that are transferred to the east of the country , “Vera said in a press release.

The former deputy added that 2022 begins with the scheme of “ broader corruption that has existed on the Venezuelan border “, where the “ irregular groups ” and security officials “ are complicit in what happens between the steps between Venezuela and Colombia “.

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Vera indicated that although, currently, the steps between both nations are “ moderately open “, the rights of citizens are “each More and more limited, there is much more criminal activity on the part of the PSUV (United Socialist Party of Venezuela) and all the official entities, plus the more anchored irregular groups “.

Unfortunately, everything that happened on unsafe crossings (trails, illegal roads) today is carried out on international bridges to a greater extent, ranging from the charges of quotas to be able to cross, even mistreatment and harassment, which some already normalize “, he added.

The opponent assured that the “ illicit smuggling and drug trafficking activities, endorsed by the government apparatus in collusion with the irregular mafias that live there ”.

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On October 27, the now governor of the state of Táchira (bordering Colombia), Freddy Bernal, announced that the main passage from Venezuela to the country was reopened for the pedestrian circulation through the Simón Bolívar international bridge.

The flow of people is happening without any disturbance, without any obstacle, through the Simón Bolívar international bridge, because one of our pains headlong was to end the passage of the trails (irregular roads) “, expressed Bernal in a broadcast of the Venezuelan state television channel (VTV ).

This order was given after the executive vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, announced the reopening of the border with Colombia from Táchira, closed since 2015.

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The border was closed to the passage of vehicles in August 2015, by order of Caracas, and the movement of people was suspended after the rupture of relations decided by Maduro on February 23, 2019, when the opponent Juan Guaidó tried to enter a humanitarian aid caravan from Cúcuta (Colombia).


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