/The end of the BlackBerry era has officially come
The end of the BlackBerry era has officially come

The end of the BlackBerry era has officially come

BlackBerry Ltd. stops supporting the original operating system and services that power the smartphones of the same name. This means that from today (January 4) the devices under the iconic brand will not work reliably. This puts an end to a key era in mobile technology.

The Ontario-based company, formerly known as Research In Motion, has created the iconic BlackBerry smartphone of the 1990s. The device became the embodiment of the idea of ​​working on the go and made computer phones more popular.

The news of the cessation of maintenance was first announced in 2020 and effectively puts an end to the group . Modern smartphones have pushed it to the periphery, but over the years the brand has maintained its reputation as a manufacturer of reliable and secure devices.

Thanks to its physical QWERTY keyboard, BlackBerry phones have become very popular among email professionals. However, their appeal has waned since the launch of the iPhone in 2007 and the ensuing galaxy of Android smartphones, which have taken over the market with larger displays, better graphics and more applications.

The Canadian company has stopped producing their own smartphones in 2016, moving to a software-only business. It licensed the brand and its services to TCL Communication Technology Holdings Ltd., which continued to launch devices until the deal expired in 2020. TCL devices were powered by Alphabet Inc.’s Android operating system. and will be maintained until August.

Nostalgia for BlackBerry has made it one of the most popular memes that made a surprise boom in 2021, recalls Bloomberg.

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