/What is Lottery Italy and how to participate
What is Lottery Italy and how to participate

What is Lottery Italy and how to participate

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the State has offered a public national lottery, Lotteria Italia , a competition with numerous prizes up for grabs for those who buy tickets at authorized dealers. This year there are important innovations , able to make the game more intriguing and increase the prizes available. Let’s see how Lottery Italy 2021 works , what are the news for 2022, the amount of the prizes and the dates of the draws, to understand how to collect a possible lucky win in the public lottery.

The differences between Lottery Italy and Lottery of Receipts

Lottery Italy 2021 must not be confused with the Lottery of Receipts , the state-run public lottery that is part of the Italia Cashless program. They are a set of measures aimed at promoting the use of electronic and traceable means of payment, such as credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards and mobile payment apps, to reduce the use of cash and counteract the tax evasion. The initiative also serves to modernize the country, encouraging the use of more technologically advanced systems.

The Lottery of Receipts was also confirmed for next year , as required by the new 2022 maneuver. In particular, through the tax decree, the government has provided resources for 45 billion euros to support the program at least until 2023 , inserting amendments to the Budget Law 2022 , as opposed to what happened with the suppression of the initiative Italy Cashback .

Furthermore, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has announced that there may be some news for the public competition in 2022 It deals in detail with the possible introduction of instant prizes , a solution that according to the MEF would make the state lottery more attractive for exhibitors and consumers. The goal is to increase the number of merchants who transmit data relating to the Lottery, especially among small and medium-sized shops where this percentage is rather small.

Lottery Italy therefore provides for prizes drawn by lot that can be won by purchasing the lottery tickets , by contacting an authorized betting shop or online on the websites of public concessionaires. The Lottery of Receipts , on the other hand, is an initiative that offers prizes to consumers who pay in physical stores with a traceable means, making cash winnings available linked to receipts also for merchants who have carried out the sale and transmitted the related data electronically.

How Lottery Italy works

For almost a century the State proposes the national lottery Lotteria Italia , a competition always highly appreciated by Italians and combined with specific formats proposed by the public television broadcaster. Among the RAI programs chosen, in fact, the first was Canzonissima, the popular music festival during which the winning ticket numbers were announced. Today the task falls to the RAI broadcast I soliti ignoti – The return , a format hosted by Amadeus who will have the pleasure of hosting the draw lucky numbers.

The operation of Lottery Italy is the classic one of a lottery with prizes , in fact just buy the tickets and check the day of the extraction if they are the winning ones. The national lottery includes a series of prizes, including the new daily prizes , an absolute novelty for the 2021/22 edition. These prizes will also be announced in the RAI broadcast conducted by Amadeus, during which the numbers of the winning tickets will be announced.

How to buy Italy Lottery tickets

To participate in Lottery Italy it is necessary to buy tickets at a cost of 5 euros each , with the possibility to choose between the classic paper coupons and the virtual ones to buy online. The paper tickets can be bought at affiliated betting shops, such as newsagents, tobacconists, motorway restaurants and in the points of sale of large-scale distribution (GDO). Furthermore, they are available at all betting shops participating in the Gioco del Lotto , making it really easy to find tickets to buy to try your luck.

One of the novelties of this edition is the possibility to buy Lottery Italy tickets online with the My Lotteries app , the official mobile application of the national lottery. By downloading and installing the app on your Android or iOS smartphone, you can buy virtual lottery tickets from your phone. Then it is essential to register the digital coupon codes , to participate in the drawing of the winning tickets and check if they are the lucky ones.

The operation it is quite simple, in fact you just have to open the app, select the option Go to purchase and choose one of the authorized resellers proposed within the application. However, the opening of a gaming account is required, an essential procedure to verify the personal age and check that the user is of age. Lottery Italy 2021, like all other legal games in our country, is not allowed to minors but only to people with at least 18 years of age .

Lottery Italy tickets are on sale starting from 20 September 2021, sale which lasts until 3 January 2021 for digital tickets and until 2 pm on 21 December for paper ones . Each ticket also has a small coupon, which cannot be sold separately, through which it is also possible to participate in the drawing of the daily prizes, just scrape the lining and discover the 10-digit code with which to compete for these additional prizes.

Italy Lottery Prizes and Prizes

The Lottery Italy 2021 edition includes important prizes to be won. The amount of the prize pool, in fact, is not always the same but depends on the results obtained with the sale of the tickets. This year the national lottery has been a great success, with a increase of 43% in the sale of tickets purchased compared to last year. In particular, 5.7 million tickets were sold , a number destined to increase during the Christmas holidays until the date of the draw.

As regards the Lottery Italy 2021 prizes , the following winnings are foreseen:

  • first category premium of € 5 million;
  • 4 first category prizes, the amount of which depends on the sale of the tickets, with an announcement of the value on the day of the draw;
  • any other prizes of a lower category, with announcement of the amount on the day of the draw;
  • daily bonuses of 10 and 20 thousand euros.

The only fixed premiums, therefore, are the main one of 5 million euros and the daily premiums of 10 and 20 thousand euros. The 4 first category prizes are guaranteed, however the amount is established by the Committee for the completion of the drawing operations of the Delayed Lotteries, following the verification of the amount of the proceeds from the sale of the tickets. On the basis of this value, additional prizes of a lower category can also be proposed, to which always compete with the same coupons.

When does the Lottery Italy draw take place?

The Lottery Italy 2021 drawing takes place on January 6, 2022 , during the special episode of the RAI television program I soliti unknown – The return led by Amadeus. The live communication concerns only the first category prizes, therefore the most important one of 5 million euros and the 4 complementary prizes whose value depends on the sales of the coupons. The results are also published on the website of the Customs and Monopoly Agency (adm.gov.it) and in the Official Extraction Bulletin ) (lotteria-italia.it).

The daily prizes of Lotteria Italia 2021 , on the other hand, are announced every day within the episodes of the transmission I soliti ignoti – The return. From 11 October to 10 December 2021 the numbers of winning Lottery tickets are drawn by lot with a prizes of 10 thousand euros , the complete list of which is available on the official Lotteria-italia.it website. From 20 to 24 December 2021 the daily prizes of 20 thousand euros are drawn, always announced during the RAI TV format and published on the portals official web sites.

How to check the lottery draw Italy

To check if you have winning Lottery Italy tickets just use the serial number , located at the bottom of the paper coupon, while in the online ticket the code is found in the game memo next to the wording Series and number. With the My Lotteries mobile app you can check Lottery Italy numbers online from your smartphone, just enter the series and ticket number and click on the Check your win option.

How to redeem winning Lottery tickets Italy

In case of winning one of the Lottery Italy 2021 prizes it is necessary to collect the prize within 180 days , otherwise the prize will no longer be cashable after this period. In this case, you have to go to a branch of the Intesa Sanpaolo group , or to the Prize Office of Lotterie Nazionali Srl located in Rome in viale del Campo Boario 56 / D. In both cases, a special receipt of the winning is issued, as a certificate of registration of the winning ticket, to then receive the payment of the cash prize.

With a paper ticket it is necessary to present it in original and intact , with the possibility of having it sent to you not personally at your own risk and peril . For the digital tickets instead it is necessary to print the game memo , available in your game account in the Movements and Bets section. It is also necessary to present a valid identification document of the holder of the gaming account to which the virtual ticket is connected, including one’s own tax code .

In addition, some essential information must be provided for the crediting of the winnings, such as the residential address and personal data. Finally, it is necessary to choose the desired method to receive the winning amount, with the possibility of opting for a payment by bank draft collectable at Intesa Sanpaolo branches, or direct credit to the own bank or post office current account . Generally, the payment of the winnings is made within 45 days from the presentation of the coupon, while the final ones within 45 days from the availability of the funds by ADM.

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