/What are scratch cards and how are they taxed
What are scratch cards and how are they taxed

What are scratch cards and how are they taxed

The State provides for a series of public games, including lotteries with deferred and immediate draws. One of the most popular games of the second type is the Scratch and Win , the ticket to scratch to try to win cash prizes of up to 5 million euros, also available in the digital version. Let’s see how the scratch card works , what types of tickets can be purchased, how to play and how to collect any winnings.

What is Scratch Cards?

The Scratch and Win is a State game managed by the Customs and Monopoly Agency . It is a fun and simple game suitable for anyone, obviously only accessible to adults as the game is forbidden to minors. The Scratch and Win mark allows you to recognize national lotteries that provide for the mechanism of instant draw , as it is possible to discover the win immediately unlike what happens with Lottery Italy.

The operation of the game is rather intuitive and easy, in fact just buy a scratch card ticket, scrape the paint and check if the coupon contains a cash prize . Each type of Scratch and Win has a specific regulation, with different prizes up for grabs depending on the value of the ticket and a specific game system. The graphic layout is also different for each type of scratch card, each of which presents a different context.

Today the public game has evolved, in fact, in addition to the classic scratch tickets, Scratch cards online are also available. The game remains the same, however is played digitally using the mouse to remove the patina that hides the playing area. The two modes are governed by specific regulations , one for the classic Scratch and Win and the other for the telematic one, which can be consulted on the official website of the instant lottery grattaevinci.com or on the ADM portal adm.gov.it .

Where you can buy scratch cards

Scratch and Win paper tickets can be purchased at all authorized dealers , in particular bars, betting shops, motorway rest stops, newsagents, tobacconists and any retailer displaying the Gratta e Vinci brand in the point of sale. The Scratch and Win online , on the other hand, require the opening of a gaming account, by contacting a concessionaire authorized by the Customs and Monopoly Agency, verifying that it is an operator enabled in possession of the ADM license .

Once you have opened a game account it is possible to buy Scratch and Win online from the dealer’s web platform, or from the mobile gambling app made available by the operator. Alternatively, it is possible to play Scratch and Win through the My Lotteries app , the official application of state games with which it is also possible to buy Lottery Italy tickets online. The complete list of authorized resellers is available on the official website at grattaevinci.com/online/rivenditori-online .

Scratch and Win: types, costs and maximum prizes to be won

Digital or paper, the types of scratch cards There are many available, each of which provides for a different purchase cost of the coupon, a specific game regulation and different cash winnings depending on the prize pool. The price of scratch cards is 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 and 20 euros depending on the game, while those called Scratch online Scratch are available starting from from 0.50 euros up to a maximum cost of 20 euros.

1 euro scratch card – maximum prize 100,000 euro

  • New 7 and Mezzo .
  • Lucky Coins.

2 euro scratch card – maximum prize 100,000 euro

  • The Symbols of the Billionaire.
  • New Turista for 10 years – maximum prize 315,796 euros.
  • New 10X.
  • Mini Double Challenge.
  • Make Scopa New.
  • New Turi stands for 10 years – maximum premium 254,884 euros.

3 euro scratch card – maximum prize 200,000 euro

  • White Christmas.
  • New Super 7 Mezzo.
  • Golden Cubs.
  • Lucky Numbers.
  • She loves Me, she loves me not.
  • Sweet Christmas.
  • Super Lucky Charm.
  • Super 7 and a Half.

5 euro scratch card – maximum prize 500,000 euro

  • The Billionaire.
  • Winning Line.
  • New Turista Per Semper – max imo 1,936,849 euro.
  • New Double Challenge.
  • New Naval Battle.
  • Area Gold.
  • New Tourist Forever – maximum prize € 1,756,340.
  • All For All.
  • The Super Tombola.
  • The Super Tombola New.

10 euro scratch card – maximum prize 2 million euro

  • The Christmas Village.
  • Turbo Cash.
  • The Mega Billionaire.
  • Triple Shot.
  • New 50X.
  • All for All Bonus.
  • Darts together.

20 euro scratch card – maximum prize 5 million euro

  • The Maxi Billionaire.
  • New 100x.

Scratch and Win online

Online scratch cards provide winnings up to 2 million euros , with different game mechanisms for each type. The games of the Plus line offer new features to try to win additional prizes, while those of the Multi Flexy range have special and customizable functions as symbols details, multipliers, bonuses and instant winnings. The online scratch cards of the Multiprice line allow you to choose how much to play, with prizes adjusted to the amount.

The scratch cards of the category Superfun recall special recurring events, such as Christmas or Halloween, or sports or fantasy settings, with the bonus game as an additional option. Finally, the online games related to Scratch and Win from the Replay range are available, where instead of the traditional symbols there are video content, a interactive version which includes in-game bonuses and other special prizes.

How to win in Scratch

To win in Scratch e Vinci you must first buy the paper ticket, or open an online game account for the online version. The basic operation involves scratching the paint that hides symbols and prizes , in the hope of finding the right combinations that allow you to get the winnings up for grabs. Each game has a different regulation , so it is important to always read the game rules carefully.

Among the most popular scratch cards there is it is for example the 7 and a half , in which you have to reveal your cards and see if they can beat those of the dealer, without exceeding a score of 7 and a half. Equally appreciated is the Billionaire , with which it is necessary to reveal the winning numbers and check if among your numbers there are one or more winning numbers, to obtain the relative win indicated under the corresponding number. .

A rather popular scratch card also remains the Lucky Charm , with which you have to discover your numbers and check if there are any winning numbers , with the possibility of also finding multipliers that increase any winnings. Finally, many Italians choose Turista per Semper , the Scratch and Win which allows you to get in addition to the immediate cash win also a annuity up to 20 years with final bonus .

As check the winning scratch card

To check if you have a winning scratch card you must scratch the surface and check the combinations of numbers and symbols , checking according to the regulations if the coupon entitles you to cash a cash prize. Alternatively, you can use the My Lotteries app , using the smartphone camera to scan the barcode using the Check Winnings function.

How to claim winning scratch cards

Scratch card winnings can be collected in various ways depending on the amount. In any case, the player in possession of a winning ticket has 45 days to notify the win and request payment , starting from the date of publication in the Official Gazette. Tickets presented after this period can no longer be cashed , as the right to receive the premium expires.

  • Collection of prizes up to 500 euros : if the ticket offers a win of up to 500 euros can be redeemed at the authorized betting shops , both in the same point of sale where the scratch card was purchased and in another office, simply by presenting the ticket winning.
  • Collection of 500 prizes 10,000 euros : also in this case the Scratch and Win can be redeemed at authorized betting shops, subject to registration of the winning ticket and choice of payment method. You can opt for a cashier’s check to be cashed at Intesa Sanpaolo branches, a bank transfer or postal . Upon presentation of the coupon the merchant issues the receipt and the ticket remains with the seller.
  • Collection of prizes over 10,000 euros : these scratch cards can only be redeemed at the Prize Office of Lotterie Nazionali Srl , located in Rome in viale Campo Boario 56 / D, otherwise by booking the collection of the winnings at one of the branches of Intesa Sanpaolo . It is always possible to choose the method of collection, between postal or bank transfer or cashier’s check to be collected in the bank branches of Intesa Sanpaolo.
  • Redeem online Scratch and Win prizes : who gets a win at Scratch and Win online, if the amount is less than or equal to 10,000 euros, the prize can be credited to your gaming account. For winnings over 10,000 euros you must print the game memo , presenting the receipt at an Intesa Sanpaolo branch or at the Rewards Office of Lotterie Nazionali Srl.

Taxation of Scratch and Win winnings

As required by Law no. 160 of 27 December 2019, starting from 1 March 2020 winnings over 500 euros are taxed with a tax of 20% , a rate applied only to the amount exceeding 500 euros. Winnings and winning stakes up to 500 euros are instead exempt from taxation, so they can be received in full without any taxation.

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