/How retirement at 102 works
How retirement at 102 works

How retirement at 102 works

Quota 100, introduced with the Budget Law of 2019 in an attempt to counter the effects of the Fornero Pensions Reform, will definitively greet us in 2022. From January 1st of the new year, in fact, it is replaced by a bridging formula that it will last just a year. The reference is to the so-called Quota 102 , strongly desired by the Draghi government to act as a “buffer” for a future structural pension reform that will be discussed in 2022.

As is known, a early retirement system of a transitional nature for the three-year period 2019-2021 was opted for, with the possibility of an extension. However, the current Prime Minister has chosen to gradually return to the Fornero Reform , with the consequent termination of the quota retirement mechanism.

Pension reform Quota 102: what it is and how it works

The current Quota 100, active until the end of 2021, allows early exit from the world of work for all those who have accumulated at least 38 years of contributions with a minimum age of 62 years old. Moreover, without any penalty on the check collected. From 1 January 2022 , once the quota experimentation has been completed and to mitigate the transition to a more focused pension reform, Quota 102 enters into force, but for only one year . This allows you to retire with 64 years of age and 38 years of contributions , again without penalties on the check.

In short, this is a solution rather similar to Quota 100, useful for avoiding the registry staircase with the return to the Fornero Reform, which from 2022 would abruptly impose a minimum of 67 years of age for the old-age pension and at least 42 years and 10 months of contributions for the anticipated one. This bridge instrument keeps the required contribution years unchanged, increasing the age requirement for access to early retirement by two years. Finally, as is natural, the fundamental requirement for access to the 102 Quota pension is the termination of the employment relationship .

Quota 102: beneficiaries and requirements

The Quota 102 pension, requiring a minimum age of 64, includes the same workers who could access Quota 100, adding those born in 1958 . A rather small audience, if we add up the request for a contribution flow of 38 years. All those enrolled in the compulsory general insurance , and those enrolled in the INPS management systems – including Separate Management -, while professionals who pay to private category entities are excluded.

In the same way, as was the case for Quota 100, the 102 excludes all that group of workers belonging to the Armed Forces, the staff of the Police Forces and Penitentiary Police, the operational staff of the National Fire Brigade, and that of the Guardia di Finanza.

Moving on to analyze the type of valid contributions to reach 38 years of contributions and access Quota 102 to retire early, it must be said that there are no details limitations in this regard. In fact, they can also be reached by all those individuals who have had fragmented career careers , and who therefore have paid contributions in two or more pension schemes. You will then understand that the contribution requirement can also be centered on the exercise of the rejoining of contributions, of the aggregation or of the free accumulation.

How much is lost with Odds 102

Once we have once Quota 102 is obtained, the bond of income from dependent or self-employed work remains valid, for which we cannot exceed the limit of 5 thousand euros per year – only income from occasional self-employment . In any case, this system cannot be combined with income from subordinate or self-employed employment until reaching the age for the ordinary old-age pension – set at 67 years. Those who accrue this right by 31 December 2022 will also be able to exercise it subsequently, crystallizing it in the following years. This allows you to increase the pension allowance, increasing the basic contribution amount.

Speaking of the amount of the check collected, we have already mentioned that there is no penalty. With Quota 102, the same pension calculation method is used that would have been used for the old-age pension or for the full early pension. Finally, it is important to remember that workers penalized by Quota 100 will be able to receive the extraordinary support allowance for the income provided by the bilateral solidarity funds, at least until the conditions for early retirement or due to old age.

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