/A research project on the cultivation of medicinal cannabis is launched in Escobar
A research project on the cultivation of medicinal cannabis is launched in Escobar

A research project on the cultivation of medicinal cannabis is launched in Escobar

It is for the production of high quality medicinal cannabis in a controlled environment, the processing and extraction of active principles

The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti , signed this Friday the resolution that authorizes the project for the production of medicinal cannabis of high quality in a controlled environment, the processing and extraction of active ingredients in the Buenos Aires town of Escobar. Along with representatives of civil society organizations such as Acción Cannábica, Cultivando Conciencia, and Cannabis Medicinal Comodoro (Cameco), Vizzotti recalled that “when we arrived at the Ministry one of the first challenges was to deal with this issue. Later, despite the pandemic we strengthened ourselves and worked with the Advisory Council and with the families and we were able to advance with the regulation , and articulate with the provinces and municipalities in relation to these projects “. The head of the national health portfolio also highlighted “the work of civil society, that of each one and each one that has put its effort since before we started the administration, and of the municipality for its commitment to advance on this issue” . The project is coordinated by the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) and the Municipality of Escobar provides the property and infrastructure where the cultivation will be carried out for research . Once the oil is extracted, it will be sent to the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (Conicet) for the study of said material. For his part, the coordinator of the National Program for the Study and Research of the Medicinal Use of the Cannabis Plant and its Derivatives and Non-Conventional Treatments, Marcelo Morante, stated that “cannabis seeks to give a response to pain “ so” we are going to continue accompanying them, since this project will surely feed the great national project of becoming a benchmark, because a policy was really pain and efforts were articulated “.

Este medicamento ya tiene la aprobación de ANMATThis drug is already approved by ANMAT

At the meeting, the acting mayor of Escobar, Carlos “Beto” Ramil, said that “the pandemic led us to rethink issues such as the role of the State, what the State is and what political will implies in a sense of social justice and equality. “.

They develop a drug with pharmaceutical cannabis

The Elea Laboratory of medicinal specialties recently announced the launch and the beginning of the distribution of a drug with Cannabidiol (CBD) with more than 99% purity made entirely in Argentina in an industrial plant that meets the highest quality standards in terms of good manufacturing practices and drug control. This drug with high purity CBD is used in the treatment of some refractory epilepsies such as Dravet and Lennox Gasteaut syndromes , both complex childhood diseases that alter the quality of life of patients, their families and the community where they operate. Similar drugs are already used in the US and Europe for which they are approved by high surveillance health agencies. Unlike the products usually used based on cannabis, this development, being a medicine approved by ANMAT , complies with quality assurance, guarantees that the active pharmaceutical ingredient (the CBD) is within the critical specifications for an effective and safe drug. According to Lic. Eduardo Spitzer, Scientific Director of Laboratorio Elea, “as a leading pharmaceutical company in Argentina, it is the challenge we assume to continue creating opportunities with the development of genuine, recognized and appreciated drugs by the medical community and of course by patients and their families. ”

El laboratorio Elea desarrolló un medicamento en base a cannabis farmacéutico The Elea laboratory developed a drug based on pharmaceutical cannabis

“In the case of our pharmaceutical CBD, a virtuous circle is generated that leads to the optimization of human capital, fully Argentine development, import substitution and lower outflows of foreign currency. All this in a context of greater access to quality treatments that ensure its effectiveness “. The issue of access and affordability to treatment is another of the fundamental points of this development. The drug is authorized for sale under a filed prescription and with a price that allows more patients who need it to reach an effective and safe treatment that can be sustained in time. In addition, it allows the different actors of social security to finance the treatment without having to dispense large sums of money. “Elea, as a pharmaceutical industry with national capitals, has an eye on the Argentine community identifying unmet needs in terms of treatment and coverage. With pharmaceutical CBD we have been closely studying the use medicinal products of hemp derivatives, especially in the management of refractory epilepsy. We are faced with the challenge of continuing to learn and the complexity of the legal and regulatory framework that could finally be overcome so that today our pharmaceutical CBD is a reality with a potential impact great in the health system and in the patient community “, says Dr. Matías Deprati, Director of Medical Affairs at Laboratorio Elea. Dr. Claudio Waisburg Medical Director of the SOMA Institute, comments: “The cannabidiol (CBD) of high purity revolutionizes and will revolutionize even more the local and regional market. health in general we require a pharmacological product of excellence in quality, coming from a serious, safe and effective source. Studies and scientific evidence developed in recent years have been able to demonstrate the efficacy by reducing 50% of seizures to more than half of the patients. It has also been shown to improve the quality of life, which is a major aspect in the interaction with patients and their families. On the other hand, patients treated with CBD required fewer rescue drugs and other medications for seizures. ” So this development is about a drug approved by the competent authority in our country, made in a modern plant with high quality standards in manufacturing, with low environmental impact, where all materials, intermediate products and the finished product are analyzed. , It has a suitable container for the drug and correctly labeled, obtaining a homogeneous drug batch by batch that ensures benefits for patients under treatment.

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