/The battle of the Hamilton-Verstappen leaders, an outdated race direction … Our Tops / Flops of the Saudi Arabian GP
The battle of the Hamilton-Verstappen leaders, an outdated race direction … Our Tops / Flops of the Saudi Arabian GP

The battle of the Hamilton-Verstappen leaders, an outdated race direction … Our Tops / Flops of the Saudi Arabian GP

DECRYPTION – The duel between Hamilton and Verstappen but also the good performance of Ocon without forgetting the questionable decisions of the race management, find the tops and the flops of the GP of Saudi Arabia.


The fight intensifies between Hamilton and Verstappen
The two masters of the game are at the limit. Sunday, for the 21st round and the penultimate of the season, the duel between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has increased in intensity. The two pilots multiplied the clashes, on the track and in the radios. And in this little game, the winner was named, once again, Lewis Hamilton. The Briton clinched his third victory in a row, the eighth of the season and the 103rd in his career, to come back to height in the drivers’ standings (369.5 points) of Max Verstappen. The Dutchman, long in the lead after a third strong start, is satisfied with this second place in Jeddah but the facts of the race will make people talk all week. The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, first of its name, delivered its share of drama with two red flags, a safety car and several virtual safety cars. The Stewards even got lost at times (see below), such as when they asked Max Verstappen to surrender his position to Lewis Hamilton but the latter refused to retain the DRS and eventually crashed into the rear of the Batavian car. In the end, only the Red Bull driver was penalized by five seconds for bypassing a turn and saving time. But there is no doubt that the tension should still rise (yes it is possible!) In Abu Dhabi because the two drivers will play their season in a single race and that promises. To read also Formula 1: in Saudi Arabia, the coup de genius of Max Verstappen during the 3rd start (video) Ocon very close to the podium Esteban Ocon will have missed a tenth. In the lead in the third standing start, following a suspicious agreement between Red Bull and the FIA, the Alpine driver could not contain the two rivals for the world title. But for almost 25 laps, the Normand occupied the third step of the podium. He who started from the ninth row. In the end, the Frenchman’s Alpine broke down in the final straight for the benefit of Valtteri Bottas. The Finn managed to grab the podium for a small tenth compared to the Habs. Hard to swallow instantly but a superb performance in hindsight. To read also Formula 1: the complete classification of the drivers .. . before the final between Hamilton and Verstappen Ricciardo and Sainz, the day’s lifts
The Australian is going through some ups and downs this season. In Saudi Arabia, Daniel Ricciardo raised his head. Absent from Q3 for the second time in a row, the McLaren driver, eleventh on the grid, took full advantage of the interruptions in the race to take a nice fifth place. And above all, he found the points (10) after three races of famine. Another great comeback, that of Carlos Sainz. A regular. Fifteenth on the grid after an error in Q2, the Spaniard delivered a good race to finish eighth, just behind his teammate Charles Leclerc.


Giovinazzi’s top 10 It’s a small feat. The Italian had only scored one point this season in Monaco. In Saudi Arabia, the future ex-driver Alfa Romeo scored two with his ninth place. A good performance for Giovinazzi who thus signs his best result since the Austrian Grand Prix 2020 and also offers himself a good outing.

FLOPS Race management exceeded
This Saudi Arabian Grand Prix made the task difficult for the marshals and in particular to Michael Masi, the race director. On several occasions, certain decisions have been surprising. Like this agreement between the FIA ​​and Red Bull so as not to penalize Max Verstappen. The Austrian team accepted that its driver set off third for the third start, instead of first, so as not to be penalized. Then, we had the right to long-lasting virtual safety cars, when a safety car would surely have been more appropriate, to clean the track. Moreover, later in the race the FIA ​​asked Verstappen to let Hamilton pass, following a tough defense. What the Briton refused in order to keep the DRS and he ended up hitting the Dutchman’s car. Once again, with clear instructions from the FIA, this incident could (should?) Have been avoided. Finally, Max Verstappen let Lewis Hamilton pass, when he no longer needed it and was penalized by five seconds in stride. Didn’t you follow everything? Don’t worry, neither do we. The FIA ​​was passed Sunday in Jeddah. Finally, some incidents will be studied after the race such as the moment when Hamilton collided with Verstappen. Heated debates are announced in the offices of Michael Masi. Disappointing Tsunoda He had made a good impression on Friday during free practice. He even confirmed on Saturday by signing the eighth time in qualifying. Sunday was certainly too much for the Japanese, always lacking consistency in a weekend. Quickly, Yuki Tsunoda lost positions, after a very poor start. Outside of the top 10, he made a mistake by hitting Sebastian Vettel which permanently ruined his race. Finally, the Nippon takes a modest fourteenth position. The end of the season is very delicate for him since he has scored only two points in the last ten races. SEE ALSO – Messi presents his Ballon d’Or at the Parc des Princes: “ The first one I win in this city ”

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