/'President, president!', #AMLOFest attendees ask Sheinbaum for 2024
'President, president!', #AMLOFest attendees ask Sheinbaum for 2024

'President, president!', #AMLOFest attendees ask Sheinbaum for 2024

“President, president, president,” were the shouts of the assistants on the plate of the capital’s Zócalo that cheered the Head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum.

After the report for the three years of Government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the public present at the Zócalo plate acclaimed Sheinbaum, who was one of the main invited by the national president to his speech. In fact, the official was the only state ruler who was at the stage where the president spoke to the thousands of attendees in the Zócalo.

At the conclusion of the executive’s report, followers and the public chanted the head of government of the capital shouting “president, president”, despite the fact that there are still more than 2 years until the elections of 2024. Sheinbaum was ‘uncovered’ a few months ago, in July of this year, at Morena’s celebration they celebrated the triumph of the Fourth Transformation, but complaints surfaced and internal account adjustments were anticipated. Some of the invited militants passed from the shouts of “President! President! ”, Alluding to López Obrador, to the“ president! President! ”, Which generated a smile from the head of government at that time. In addition to this, it is still not clear who will be Morena’s candidate for the presidential elections of 2024, since senator Ricardo Monreal and Marcelo Ebrard, head of the Secretariat are also on the list of Foreign Relations and friend of López Obrador. This is not the first time that Sheinbaum Pardo is acclaimed by the public to be the first president in the history of the country, because on July 2, the head of government was cheered in the Auditorium Nacional by members of Morena, within the framework of the third anniversary of AMLO’s triumph.
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