/The last LR debate did not alter unity
The last LR debate did not alter unity

The last LR debate did not alter unity

The five candidates were invited to react to Eric Zemmour’s candidacy, Tuesday evening, on France 2.

The organizers of the fourth televised debate of the right, organized Tuesday evening between the five candidates for the nomination of the Republicans on France 2 and France Inter, had planned to address the themes of security and immigration after those of health , purchasing power and ecology. But with the candidacy of Eric Zemmour, announced the same evening on TF1, then the entry into the Pantheon of Joséphine Baker, the suitors were invited to start their last debate with the two news of the day. Read also LR Congress: more than 1300 elected representatives call to vote for Valérie Pécresse They did it right after having defined their idea of ​​France by choosing symbols. Valérie Pécresse evoked Joan of Arc as an illustration of “ France standing up which resists the invader “. Xavier Bertrand cited General de Gaulle, an image, according to him, of the unity of the right ready to redress the country. Philippe Juvin spoke of his two grandfathers, paternal and maternal, believing that everything was possible thanks to knowledge. To recall France’s Christian roots and the fact that he considers his country as a “ civilization “, Michel Barnier turned to Mont Saint-Michel. Finally, Eric Ciotti remembered his native village in the Alpes-Maritimes, Saint-Martin-Vésubie, which was a refuge for Jewish families during the war and a commune for him, “ values ​​ ”and the“ transmission ” . SEE ALSO – 2022: “The debate does not threaten the unity of the LR family”, estimates Jérôme Sainte-Marie

From new themes The guests then reacted to the words of Eric Zemmour who had qualified them “ powerless ” in his declaration of candidacy . For Valérie Pécresse, the accuser, whom she describes as “ a man of provocations “, shows a “ certain excitement “. Xavier Bertrand, like Michel Barnier, opposed to him the “ France of generosity ” embodied by Joséphine Baker by considering that the essayist did not have “ the stature to be president “. Barnier recalled that it was a question of electing the new president of France by calling for “ serious “, to “ dignity ” and to “ respect ”. Seeing Eric Zemmour as a candidate who “ hurts the French “, Philippe Juvin spoke directly to the French Muslims who wish that France “ become a great country again ” by qualifying them as “ brothers in citizenship ”. Only Eric Ciotti felt that the Republican right should have the “ responsibility ” to provide answers to “ fears ”pointed out by Éric Zemmour. Read also What risk Éric Zemmour for having used images without authorization? After this obligatory passage, the five LR candidates appreciated being also questioned on subjects which had not been treated as a priority during the first three debates. Health, governance, purchasing power, economy … Faced with the Covid, they often shared the same observations on the need to avoid a new confinement, to accelerate the third dose of vaccines and to initiate without waiting for a transformation of the system of French health. “ We are sleepwalkers, with the most total and permanent lack of preparation “, denounced the doctor Juvin, chief of service at the Pompidou hospital, when the others insisted on the need to debureaucratize the public hospital (Pécresse), to move the numerus clausus (Bertrand), to fight against fraud (Barnier) or to put an end to it “hospitalocentrism” (Ciotti). A few hours before the first round of the internal primary, they wanted to preserve unity by answering on the substance of the subjects treated, without take the risk of clashing hard Regarding the duration of the presidential term, opinions differed. Xavier Bertrand and Michel Barnier undertook to carry out only one, while Valérie Pécresse and Philippe Juvin instead defended the idea of ​​a double five-year term. Eric Ciotti said he was in favor of the return of the seven-year term. Read also LR Congress: the gray eminences behind the candidates In terms of purchasing power, the candidates defended different mechanisms. During a rare direct exchange between guests, Michel Barnier challenged his neighbor Valérie Pécresse on his idea of ​​increasing net wages by 10%, returning to the State the payment of pension contributions instead of companies. For him, this provision would be “ retoque ” by the Constitutional Council and would double the bill. If the discussions on Tuesday evening did not really shed light on the outcome of the Republicans’ internal campaign, the five candidates were part of the extension of the first three debates. A few hours before the first round of the internal primary, they wanted to preserve unity by responding to the substance of the subjects treated, without taking the risk of clashing harshly. By showing their determination to govern France, they once again had the opportunity to shed light on their project and put their ambitions in the hands of the 139 .918 members of the LR movement. Because if many viewers followed the show Tuesday evening, only the voters of Congress will be invited to the polls for two rounds of voting, from Wednesday. From their final choice, only one personality will emerge. She will inherit a difficult mission: to put the right in a position to win the next presidential election. In five months.

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