/Rio and Rangel voted, both confident of victory and the party's great mobilization
Rio and Rangel voted, both confident of victory and the party's great mobilization

Rio and Rangel voted, both confident of victory and the party's great mobilization

Paulo Rangel was the first to vote, shortly after two in the afternoon, at the PSD headquarters in Porto. on the way out, he admitted, in statements to journalists, that he was “very confident” in this election and waiting for a “great turnout” from the militants. “I’m very confident, but I respect the voters’ verdict,” said the MEP, quoted by Lusa news agency. “The appeal I make is that they make an effort to really be able to vote today”, he underlined.

About an hour later, it was Rui Rio’s turn to exercise his right to vote, also at the party’s headquarters in Porto, accompanied by his daughter. And it was also with confidence that, in the end, he addressed the journalists present, saying he hoped to win the elections and then, on January 30, to be in a position to win the legislative ones, which is his “great objective”.

“Of course, since I’m a candidate, what I hope is to win these elections and then, the most important thing is, on January 30th, that the party will be in conditions to win the legislative elections. This is the great objective and what Portugal most needs”, he admitted. You are going to vote “to win,” but if you don’t win, he declared, for you “there will be no next” attempt. And, in case of defeat, he will have, from a personal point of view, a life “more calm and of peace”, he concluded.

Rangel then went to Lisbon, where he will monitor the vote count. Rui Rio stays in Porto, in a hotel in the city that will be his headquarters today, on an electoral night that will determine the future of the PSD.

The current leader of the party, Rui Rio, and the MEP Paulo Rangel disputes the presidency today, in direct elections in which nearly 46,000 members can vote.

According to the PSD’s website, the electoral universe for the party’s tenth direct elections is of 45,973 militants, those who have their quotas up to date to be able to vote.

The election takes place across the country between 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm and, from the close of the polls, the The general secretary of the party will provide the evolution of the results of the elections in real time through this website created for that purpose, which will also include the history of previous elections.

The campaign was carried out in a very different way by the two candidates: while the MEP bet on traditional meetings across the country with militants, the president of the PSD announced or that he would give up campaigning as a candidate, concentrating on opposition to the PS, and refused debates with his opponent, considering that they would only benefit the socialists.

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